Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010 Recap

Another month has come and gone, and as much as I have said this the past 2 months, I can say it again: I pushed myself even more in the month of April and have reached new heights that I never dreamed I could!

In April 2010 I ran 111 miles

This is my first month that I have counted where I have hit over 100 miles, I look forward to keeping 100 as the minimum for the future.

This Month I have fallen in Love with the Foam Roller, it is my new best friend.

I went wedding dress shopping twice..

I ran my first ever 8k and set a new PR

This was my first ever Sub-9:00 race- good to know all that speedwork pays off.

The following weekend I did my long run of 11 miles at race pace and felt great!

Finding a new dress for my sister's graduation next month proved tough, but as the month closed out I found a great dress


Plus a back-up, or 4 ;)


Last and most importantly, I registered for my first Marathon!!!


After having to take the last 2 days of the month off due to a mis-step (literally) during a mid-week run I am ready for May 1st and to spend the next 6 weeks getting ready to start Marathon Training! 

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