Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Ten Things Tuesday

Hello all, there will be no Ten Things Tuesday today as I really don’t have much to say, and unless you want to hear “I’m STILL Sore” 10 times, I will spare you until next week.

So as you can tell, I woke up with sore legs AGAIN, but I dragged my sore self to the gym and attempted the run I had planned for today. Well, lets just say it did not go well. I was slow, it felt hard, and left me feeling like a slow loser.

I stretched a lot afterwards and foam rolled. On the foam roller, I was so tight with so many knots I was almost in tears trying to work it all out. I will say that it definitely helped some with my quads and calves, and made it possible to get in and out of my chair all day.

I also did a few more miles this evening, which was not so bad, in normal pace range, not hard, and gave me my confidence back. Walking to and from our start/finish spot I noticed my legs more than while actually running.

AM Workout- 3.25 miles, 35 minutes. Like I said, I was slow and even walked a little when my legs pretty much failed me, but at the end of the day I hit above my expected mileage so no stress.

PM Workout- 2 Miles, 18:05
Mile 1-  9:07
Mile 2-  8:57

It felt good to see normal numbers and feel like it was a normal
effort and not a crazy sprint.

After my run I heated up leftover steak and baked potato for John and made myself a hodge podge of veggies for dinner: squash, mushrooms, green things, it was awesome, and I never figured I would be happy just having several random veggies as a meal.

Tomorrow I am hoping to be back to my normal running self and get in 4-5 quality miles, and hopefully an afternoon spin class. I am really excited for my speedwork Thursday, I can’t wait, I’m such a dork!!!
Off to watch Biggest Loser Contestants cave and eat their body weight in junk food!

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