Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Friday, I missed you!

Happy Friday!!! We made it to the weekend!!!
This morning I had it out to make-up yesterday's swapped 4 miles of intervals.I was pretty bummed when I woke up, got ready, opened the door and saw that it was Pouring down rain! I was even more annoyed to be confined to the treadmill yet again this week, I have only managed 1 day of outdoor runs with 3 on the TM of. Now I am not anti-treadmill by any means, I actually find it quite helpful to get in miles when raining, freezing, or lacking energy, but with such great weather and great week, I was pretty bummed to be sentenced there again.

I did 2 miles as a warm-up in 18:57 so a 9:29 pace. And then I did 4x400 repeats at 7:30 pace with a 400 recovery between each at a 9:13 pace. In my head I had really wanted to do 6x400 and make it 5 miles, but my knee got a tad tingly, and to be honest, I was running out of time so I called it a day at 4 miles like I had scheduled. Probably for the best considering I have a speedy double digit run planned for tomorrow and Friday is normally my rest day.

All week I have been tweaking my spring base training plan with increased mileage, new races and dates, and it has kept me thoroughly entertained. As my fall races are becoming more and more concrete, I am altering what races are most important and thus what my training needs to be centered around. Also, I am secretely an Excel junkie and if I can find any excuse to play around in it all day, I will!

John and I have an awesome weekend planned, starting tonight with a fun date!

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