Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

That's right folks, I am back with things to say, so here is your returned scheduling of Ten Things Tuesday:

1. Tuesdays have also transformed into Two-a-days Tuesdays. I think since it is my easy running day I always feel up for more miles. Today's workouts:
AM- 4 miles with my mom (48 minutes)
PM- 2.3 Miles  with Peachie (24 minutes, including 4x100 strides even getting down to a 5:42 pace during my sprints :)

I was a exhausted after work for some reason, thus only 2.3 miles instead of the 3-4 I was originally aiming for.

2. I did my AM run with my Mommy today, she just got back from a long weekend in Boston, and I had a sneaking suspicion there would be something waiting for me... I was right!!!

3. I had a new pair of running shorts waiting for me this morning! 

And these aren't just any shorts, these are smarty shorts and came all the way to me from Harvard.

4. And because clothes are always like money burning a hole in my pocket, I wore my new smarty shorts for my run this evening, they rocked!

5.  I have had to get a few new pairs of tempo shorts recently another size down, so here is another pair to add to my collection! I have a slight addiction to running clothes, they are the only thing I feel like I am getting any use out of right now.

6. Don't forget, Mother's Day is next weekend! With my Mother's new found running habit I actually think I may have it super easy in the gift giving department for the next few holidays ;)

7.  Today I realized that 4 weeks from this Friday I will be home for baby sister's graduation, I am really excited for a long weekend with my family, but am beyond excited for Trader Joe's!!!!! It is the only place I have found I can get pumpkin butter and I have been out for several weeks now.

8. I am also strangely excited to get in several legitmate hill runs during my 4 day ATL trip. I actually really detest hills and hill runs, they make me slow and angry, so I am a little confused about said excitement.

9.  After months and months of running, my feet have finally reached that point where they are so yucky that wearing open-toed shoes no longer seem acceptable. I have short and chipping toenails, one that is slightly bruising, plenty of blister and flaky skin- gross! I am going to do the unthinkable this weekend and ask some little oriental women to give me a pedicure- I really do feel for her. I will make sure to leave a big tip!

10.  This is my first truly free weekend coming up! No school to think of, no work, no races, no crazy obligations, and I am planning to spend my Saturday lounging in the sun with my ever-growing magazine stack and possibly a frozen beverage- I have strangely not missed my weekends like this, but sure am excited to have a chance to make up for all that missed time this Saturday!

Hope everyone has had a good Tuesday, I had a blast with my double workouts and new shorts! Off to watch someone get booted from Biggest Loser, I have some strong opinions on who needs to go, here's hoping!!

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