Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tired Leggies

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, I know I have. It's always sad to see the weekend go, but this Monday is one I am actually looking forward to this year. For those who don't know tomorrow is the running of The Boston Marathon, what has now popped up as a mini-holiday on my radar.

Late last night I remembered to check the official race results from yesterday. I placed 4th in my age group out of 11 and finished about 45 seconds behind the 3rd place girl. Oh well, #4 is not too shabby, I am still elated with my consistent sub-9 minute pace yesterday.

Today, I slept in until 7am- craziness! John and I pretty much headed straight to the gym to do legs- I always fear that leg weights will kill my Sunday run, but today I had plans to run with my mom today, so I knew I could tackle both.

I worked my legs really hard today, and left feeling very shaky. I really need to focus on strengthening my hips and quads as I get ready to ramp up my training again, as it will keep my legs balanced and help to prevent common knee injuries.

After the gym I made a quick omelet, started laundry, cleaned, and then hit up the grocery stores. After all that I was in a cleaning mode and weeded out all my old magazines. I have a stack of 8 right now that I have stacked up still to read- so I spent a better part of the afternoon getting through it.

I headed to my mom's about 4:30 with plans for 4 miles. She had asked me the other day to help build her a training schedule, since she is trying to improve her previous times and get faster. I wanted to try several different speeds and such during our run today, but was on a mission to make sure we finished in under 48 minutes or a 12 minute pace.

For the 1st mile we took Abbey with us since she was itching to get outside. I will say one thing about that 1st mile that made my day, I found a new running partner!

 Abbey must be part Greyhound because she has perfect running form and was Super fast! I can't wait to get her out on my own and see what all she and I can do, but I was happy to have found a new friend and she loved to stretch her legs. During the 1st mile we ran pretty quick, but stopped twice for 2 doggie bathroom breaks. After dropping the pooch at home we headed back out for the remaining 3 miles.

4 Miles- 47:23, avg pace 11:51
Mile 1-  11:22
Mile 2-  11:49
Mile 3-  12:05
Mil3 4- 12:07

Mom did great pushing herself and keeping a solid 11-11:30 pace for the bulk of the run. We took 3 walk breaks over the course of the 3 miles, but managed to keep our pace where it needed to be. After our run I went through the training schedule I put together for her and recommended a few timely races that I thought would be good for her to be able to measure her improvements.

With inspiration from all the Boston Runners, I have planned a busy workout week that I am excited about, but to keep me on track with a lot of other thing to do I am following the suit of others and posting my weekly schedule for all to see, so here it goes:

Monday- 4 mile Tempo (2 @ 8:40 pace)
Tuesday- 4 miles
Wednesday- 4miles + Spinning
Thursday- 6 miles (2x800 @ 8:00 pace,800 rest b/w @ 9:00 pace; 4x400(7:30pace) w/ 400 recover @ 9:00 pace) warm up and cool down to get in remaining miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 11 miles (9:30 pace)
Sunday- 3 miles

Total Expected Miles- 32

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