Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everyone's Doing it

I just watched the heaviest contestant ever on the Biggest Loser run 5 miles on tonight's episode without stopping. Everyone seems to be setting out to run, and if an almost 400lb obese person can do it, there is no excuse for anyone else.

All that being said, thank God I rocked my run tonight or I would feel like such a loser! It started to rain on my way home, boo, so I was stuck indoors tonight, but it worked to my advantage.

Tuesdays are technically my cross-training days, but I wanted to run. So I did 3.5 miles and some quality foam rolling which I haven't done since Friday.

3.5 miles- 31 minutes, incline 1%
Mile 1-  9:31
Mile 2-  9:13
Mile 3-  8:34
.5 cool down 9:31ish pace

My legs felt great during my whole run. My comfortable pace is continuing to creep up and is getting closer and closer to 9:10 and 9:05 every day which I love. I loved that 7.0 on the treadmill is comfortably challenging now and not exhausting, and it has me very excited for my race this weekend!

Tonight I did the very unusual and needed a snack after dinner, I have no idea why I was still hungry after all my random bites today, but I don't question it when I actually feel hungry. John chastised me for having a spoonful of PB, Boo him!!!! Tomorrow I am back to the morning workouts!

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  1. I'm going to have to start doing morning workouts! It's starting to get SUPER hot in Phoenix already...