Saturday, April 24, 2010

One of Those Mornings

It's the weekend! I am so thrilled that I did not have to work today, but my last scheduled Calc test fell this weekend, but I have gotten almost all of it cranked out, but at this point I just want to pass.

Nothing too exciting to report yesterday, work, graduation(not so much fun), really bad dinner and bed. It was a rest day, so now you are all caught up.

This morning I had 11 miles on the schedule, and I woke up less thrilled than when I had gone to bed. I think the yucky feeling from last nights yucky dinner was a big factor, that and the fact that it was raining- Not Cool! We were not due for rain until tomorrow afternoon, but it managed to let up pretty quickly, and it turned out to be a beautiful morning.

Well I set out to run 11 miles and my original goal was an average 9:30 pace, but with plenty of time, a yucky feeling, and wanting to put off my test I told myself to take it easy, enjoy the run, and let the time be what it is. So I started off slow and comfortable, but managed negative splits up until mile 6 when I stopped to eat my sport beans and refill my water. I felt great at that point and decided I would go past my intended 11 as long as I still felt good.

Well around mile 9, I landed one stride funny and it felt a little wierd. I still felt great so I took the opportunity to stretch before trying to crank out 3 more to hit 12. Well after that stretch, starting again was pretty tough, I found it hard to get back to the pace I was at right before I stopped, but it was slow coming. I ended up going about 11.5 and only stopped because my knee was sore at that point, but I felt like I could have gone for another hour...

11 Miles- 1:44:03, Average Pace 9:28
Mile 1-  10:00
Mile 2-  9:50
Mile 3-  9:40
Mile 4-  9:31
Mile 5-  9:22
Mile 6-  9:13
Mile 7-  9:31
Mile 8-  9:22
Mile 9-  9:13
Mile 10-  9:18
Mile 11-  8:57 (woo!)

I was happy that I was patient enough to start off slow because it let me hit my goal pace and I felt great, its runs like this that make all the bad ones fade away and remind me why I love to go out and run every day. These are also the runs that make me realize, when done right, even 20 miles would feel great....

After the run I came home, made more apple cinnamon oats, and got to work on the test from hell! It hasn't been too bad, and after getting through each of my broken down sections I gave myself a reward (aka...breaks). The first break was a shower and laundry, break 2 was lunch. I went up to Quiznos for my usual Sammie and Salad, and I also sprung for some chips today :)

They also had something new going on today...

New reuseable bags! Earth friendly and cute, and they said if you bring it back to use each time they give you a free drink. On break 3 I decided it was time for cleaning out the closet and break 4 was a field trip...

That's right, my 2nd trip wedding dress shopping this month, this time, I went with this girl

I went and met Katie for her first trip to look at wedding dresses. She was a little nervous about the first trip, but did awesome, and we may have stumbled upon The Dress, so a successful field trip!

John and Peachie are on their way home from a day on the farm, and I see another meal in my future. I am hoping a workout-tastic Sunday and a quick and painless end to this test!

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