Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Munchie Munchie

Today I have had a serious case of the Munchies, oops! I know it is because today has been completely off schedule for me, I got up at the same time, but didn't work out, I left the house before I would normally have breakfast (and thus did not have a normal breakfast) so I have had food apread out all day. I have only had 1 thing more than I normall would have (1/2 a bagel) but all my food has been so spread out I feel like I have been eating non-stop. Does that ever happen to you???? I operate much better in a routine, which I know is lame and boring, but hey, it works!

Since I had to be at work at 7am today, I realized that didn't actually leave me time to work out, get ready and make it to work today, so I will be having a run-tastic evening workout today and then Biggest Loser Night, my favorite!!! I admit I had never seen the show before this season, but John and I are strangely drawn to it. I get a huge kick out of all the craziness and back-stabbing, but it has been really cool to see such noticeable weight loss in some of the front runners.

And don't think I forgot your weekly dose of 10 things Tuesday

1.  I had to order a new case for my ipod today, the velcro on my current one is shot.
2.  I was tempted to order 3 cases because I have a 3rd generation ipod nano (discontinued) and I am really stressed that in another few months I wont ever be able to find another case...and then where will I be?!?!?!
3.  Dresses no longer fit me. This used to be my favorite wardrobe staple, but I am finding that if they fit me in the top, then they are about 2 inches too short--- don't discriminate against tall-ish people!!!
4.  A new dress is needed for my upcoming trip home for my sister's graduation- all advise on where to find one is URGENTLY NEEDED!!!!!
5.  This weekend I bought an 80 ounce (6lbs) carton of Strawberries at Costco, and John and I (mostly I) have managed to go through over half of it...Today is Tuesday!
6.  I have not finished submitting my grad school applications yet- oops, better get on that!!!
7.  I have a compulsive disorder where I need to be going At Least  .1MPH faster than the person on the Treadmill next to me.
8.  The one exception to my disorder listed above is when this preacher looking guy comes in at 6am every day and hops on the TM next to me and cranks it up to 8.4mph for a minimum of 45 minutes----umm ok, you win!
9.  I haven't been to spin class now in over a week- Fail. And I may not make it until Friday, Big Fail!
10. I have decided to add 1 more race to my schedule from last week, you can find it here. I am adding the Celebrate America 10k on Memorial Day May 31st in the ATL! I am excited!!!

Off to do some work now, catch ya tonight!

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