Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday- Race Edition

Hello, welcome to 10 races Tuesday. I have quite a lot to share with you today.

My morning started with a pretty lame workout. Tuesdays are for cross-training but I didn't want to hit the bike too hard b/c I was pretty tight from spin class yesterday and have plans for the usual spin class tomorrow too. I speed walked on the TM at a pretty serious incline (12-15) for 20 minutes, did some time on the monster stair-climber and ran a mile. It felt pretty lackluster but I got in some really good stretching and foam rolling at the end.

Tonight I came home from work with the motivation to run, and run I did. At about 1pm I knew I wanted to run tonight, but as the afternoon ticked on, it was obvious I was not getting out of work anytime that would allow a nice outdoor run which it what I was craving. Well when I finally escaped at 7:15 I rushed home and told myself if I ran quick I could get in about 2 miles before the sun went down.

2.27 in 20 minutes, or I did 2 miles in 17:35 or an average 8:49 pace. It felt good to beat the stress of the day out and have another effortless run 2 days in a row- it's nice when things just click.

Well, if you couldn't guess what I did today, I registered for my next race! I am not super pumped about it yet, but it is a new (and random) distance, an 8k (4.97) miles. We might as well make it an even 5 mile run and call it a day, but I don't make the rules.

The Run to the Sun 8k is in 11 days or 2 weekends from now. I was pretty pissed I couldn't do the 15k I wanted this weekend in Clearwater because I have to work...AGAIN, but a guaranteed PR is always nice too. This race is in Orange Park, which is pretty much a suburb of Jacksonville even though people who live there like to tell you it's its own special little town- a mall doesn't make you a separate city, especially if I can mail you something and write Jacksonville, FL and it still makes it to your house ;)

Ok enough ranting, this race made me ralize that I really function better when I have a goal in place, and races make good goals, so I have pretty much organized myself today and I present you with 10 Things Tuesdsay...My next 10 races (all this year!!!). It goes something like this:

1.  Run to the Sun 8k (4/17)
2.  Shrimp Festival 5k (5/1)
3.  Run for the Pies 3M (6/12)
4.  Bridge of Lions 5k (7/17)
5.  Tour de Pain- 4M, 5k, 1M series (8/13-8/14)
6.  Labor Day 5k (9/6)
7.  Miracle Miles 15k (9/25)
8.  Marine Corps Half Marathon (10/2)
9.  Women's Magazine Half Marathon (11/21)
10. Outback Distance Classic- Half Marathon (11/25)

Now I am sure there will be a few random races that get added in there somewhere, but this is what I am looking at for the rest of the year (plus 2 races in December) that will round me out for 15 for the year.

Yes there are A LOT of 5ks through the summer, but when you live in Florida that is the longest they will let you race from May-September because it's too damn hot! So be ready to see repeated 5k PR's and then I bring you the Fall of the Half Marathon (there is also 1 more that would make race 12, but my list doesn't go that far). I am looking at 4 half marathons from October-December and am really excited about it.

Off to watch finish biggest loser and get ready for a fab 5 miles in the morning!


  1. The woman's Half in November is a great race, a friend of mine helps coordinate it and the swag can't be beat! You've got quite the full schedule! Run on sista!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog, so cute! Are you in Phoenix???