Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Plans

Hello all and Happy Monday! I have been a busy girl and have gotten a lot done in the last few days.

Starting with Sunday: John and I woke up early and headed to the gym. I did 4 miles on the TM and a few leg weights. My knee was bothering me so I took a couple little walk breaks as to not over-do it. We then headed to Lawtey to celebrate Easter with John’s family, and I enjoyed a leisurely day catching up on magazines in the sun, it was glorious.

Today came and I have some intense workouts planned for the week. I am planning a solid 11 weeks of ‘base training’ before my next training cycle begins at the end of June. I am working really hard to increase my normal pace and endurance so a 6 or 7 mile run will be as easy as 3 and 4 are now.

I started my week with a double workout:
AM Workout: 3 Miles (TM)- 9:20 pace
PM Workout: 1 Mile (TM), 45 minute spin class (brutal)

This morning I got up and did 3 miles on the TM. I was so happy to crank out these 3 miles like they were cake, 9:20 average pace like it was nothing! Last week I felt like I struggled with every run, if it wasn’t my legs I couldn’t hold a good pace without struggling or my breathing was crazy, and I was getting a little discouraged. So I really needed an awesome run to remind me I can do it, and that not every run will be perfect. I spent a good 10 minutes with the foam roller this morning too. I really feel like rolling all the knots out of my calves is keeping that ligament from getting inflamed and stressed again which is good, I did not enjoy my week of non-running.

After work I headed back to the gym for spinning. I really like the girl who teaches the Monday/Wednesday 6:30 class and I was really wanting a good butt kicking today- and that she did! I got to the gym earlier than expected so I hoped on TM for a 1 mile run to warm. The mile was quick and felt as good as the 3 this morning, spinning left me sweaty and my legs burning, but it works my legs so differently than running so hopefully they will get some tone to them finally.

I hit up some quality time with Foam Roller again and really tried to work every inch of my legs. I expect the tension in my calves, but my IT band seemed pretty tight too, and it HURT to work that out. I will be visiting the black log again tomorrow :)

In addition to re-vamping the next 11 weeks of workouts, I have been a planning machine today. My first mini-vacation of the summer is only about 7 or 8 weeks away now. I am headed home to ATL for my sister’s HS graduation which is memorial day weekend! I am excited to head home for a few days and see the whole family and the baby all grown up!

John and I also started to work on plans for my birthday week- which is now turning into our Orange Beach Vacation, and I am super excited to be hitting the beach for a week for the 4th and my 24th birthday!!!

I have some epic workouts planned for tomorrow, and I am excited for an awesome 30+ mile week, my first in a while!

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