Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love of the Foam Roller

Before heading to bed last night I decided to plan ahead. I had a sneaking suspicion that yesterday's marathon work day would some how seep into today. I was stuck at work again until 7:30 tonight leaving no time for the 5 miles I had planned.

Lucky for me I got up and did them this morning when I would normally go to spin class, but I would rather sacrifice spinning than my run.

5 Miles- 46:16
Mile 1- 9:31
Mile 2- 9:22
Mile 3- 9:13
Mile 4- 9:13
Mile 5- 8:57

It was nice to see negative splits especially after a very lackluster week last week where everything always seemed to get slower.

I didn't get much of a chance to stretch/roll this morning, so I stopped by the gym after work and spent about 20 quality minutes with the foam roller and stretching a bit. Foam rolling has helped my little mini-injury of my calf ligament from a few weeks ago, it feels great now, so when my butt/hip was tight all day I knew I could work it all out.

Due to all the love I have for the foam roller and its wonderful successes the last couple of weeks, I think I will be purchasing my own so I can roll whenever I want and not have to always go to the gym. Does anyone own a foam roller? I know there are a few different ones out there, and I guess I am wondering are the higher end ones worth the extra money, or will the $20 foam log suffice??? Please advise!!!!

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  1. I don't have a foam roller but I've heard AMAZING things about it. It's something I've thought of getting for a while especially when my ITB acts up.