Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to Normal

So after a few days of a backwards workout schedule and out of control hunger, I feel pretty much back to normal- thank goodness! As boring as it seems I actually love living in a routine and actually get a little stressed when my life is all over the place, I'm Type A and I Love it!

So on to the running portion of the program:

I opted out of Wednesday morning spin for the 2nd week in a row to get in another great run, after last night's fabulous 3.5 I was itching for some more. I hit up the gym for another 3.5 this morning (getting sick of this number yet???).
I like the 3.5 distance I have been winging, it gives me .25 to warm-up, 3 miles of quality running and .25 cool down essentially and not to mention the extra 50 calories burned don't hurt.

AM Workout: 3.5 miles 30:42
.25 Warm up-  ???
Mile 1-  9:31
Mile 2-  9:08
Mile 3-  8:34
.25 cool down- ???

I am on a mission to make 8:34 my easy pace, sooner or later it will come. Hopefully sooner!

After work tonight I headed out with John and Peachie for a 2 mile walk, I was kind of hoping to get in a 2 mile run, but it was nice to relax and catch up, and Ms. Peachie enjoyed her exercise. Tomorrow I have plans of a nice 5 mile run, followed by my race packet pick up!

I told myself after the knee pain last week and with a race this weekend I would reduce my mileage for the week, well that didn't really happen, so I decided to opt out of a tempo run and speedwork this week and just run for the sake of running, and it has been really nice. After such a good week so far, I am actually pretty excited for my tempo and intervals next week and see if my times have improved at all...and crazy competitive Type-A rears it ugly pretty head again!

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