Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Plan Weekend

It was great to come out of my race and work today and not have any plans or obligations.

I headed to see my friend Crystal who I haven’t seen in almost 3 months- Rediculous considering she lives in town and has 1 week off work every other week.


I had a great time sitting in the sun and chatting the day away. It was actually only the 2nd time I had been over to their house since they finished building in December, its quite nice, and makes me wish I had a house and yard of my own, I know Peachie would certainly like all the space.


After hours of gossiping, we headed to Billy’s Boat House for drinks and some appetizers and of course to enjoy the nice weather and some boat and water action.

I met John and Peachie at home and we are now enjoying a relaxing movie night. Tomorrow night I have plans of sleeping until I am ready to get up, and then going for an ?? mile run until I am done. It’s nice to have no plans in place, and a pretty leisurely day planned. Other than my run and some grocery shopping I have nothing planned and I am excited, especially since I have the doomsday test on deck for next weekend.

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