Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

So today was Monday, and I had a lot going on today. Work, appointments, tests (yes plural) and of course my daily does of sanity.

Unfortunately I had to prioritize and reschedule my hair appointment:( I was super excited for my hair cut, I LOVE the girl who does my hair, but I will be seeing her soon enough, and I will make sure to get cute before and after shots!

I could not seem to get motivated to get to the gym this morning, so I decided I would run after work. That is actually pretty standard for Monday’s since I have to be at work early but today it went from April 26th to August. It was still 85 degrees and humid when I was getting dressed to run so I decided to head to the gym instead, since I knew I would be running outside tomorrow.

The first mile I did comfortable and easy at a 9:40 pace, and then picked up for the next 3 miles, it basically looked like this:
4 Miles- 36 minutes, incline 1.0
Mile 1-   9:40
Mile 2-   9:02
Mile 3-   8:47
Mile 4-   8:31

As much as I may have said this the last few days, this was an absolutely amazing run! I felt great the whole time, no need to stop, I didn’t even really need my water. My legs felt strong, my breathing was comfortable and consistent, and again I felt like I could go for hours. I felt like I was just getting warmed up when TM rolled over to 4 miles, if I didn’t have so much else to do I probably would have stayed much longer.

I have had so many good runs in a row I am almost running scared waiting for a crappy one to jump up and bite me, but even when it does, it will never take away all the great runs and time I have spent alone with my thoughts, learning what exactly it is my legs were made to do. I think these last 3 weeks have made me realize something, I can do distances, I seem to thrive with more distance. It’s as if once I opened it back up to over 30 miles per week, my legs just seem to go with it and have no intentions of turning back.

At this point right now I am more confident than ever that I have a marathon in me this year. I been so back and forth on the whole matter, but I realize now that my body is so much stronger and more capable than I have given it credit for. Well I am ready to give credit where credit is due, and I am asking it now for a lot, a lot of time and even more miles. You will see that my fall race plans will probably be changing, because right now I have only one goal in my sights….
26.2 or BUST!!!!!!

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