Saturday, April 3, 2010

A running fail + a wedding dress

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend, it has been packed here, but I have lots of pictures of my weekend.

Since Friday is a rest day, I slept in and let John drive me to work. After work, and a quick wardrobe change, John picked me up and we headed downtown for our first ever Jacksonville Suns baseball game!
Easter Weekend 2010 001
I can’t believe after more than 2 years here I still had not been to a Suns game. It was great, and the weather was perfect, finally a real introduction into spring.

 Easter Weekend 2010 005
The wind kept us pretty cool, but we had a great time arriving early for food and drinks before the game. I had a few beers but was trying to keep it to a minimum since I knew I was trying to get in a decent run this morning.

We had some great hosts for the evening, and I think everyone had a great time. I also managed to run into our friends John and Katie who has recently gotten engaged.
Easter Weekend 2010 012
The game came down to the wire, and the suns ended up pulling out 2 runs in the final inning and beat the Florida Marlins 4-3!

Easter Weekend 2010 014
We had great seats and a wonderful time, and will certainly be back for another game soon!
This morning the alarm went off at 5:30am and the little bit of beer I had left me rally dehydrated, but a couple bottles of water and I felt fine. John however, was not up for joining me, so I hopped in the car, headed to the gym, and discovered I was LOCKED OUT!!!!

Our gym has pretty much a self entry access so you can get in whenever you want, well the system seemed to be down today and I got a little panic-y. With each passing minute my run was getting shorter and shorter and I had no one to run with me in the pitch black. FAIL!!!!!


Normally I would just head out alone on our normal route, but there has been a few incidents in our general area recently that has both John and I feeling uneasy about me running outside, alone, and in the dark for over an hour. I suddenly though remembered a tidbit from last…My mom wanted to join us for a portion of our run, so I called her!

Luckily she was awake and was willing to log 4-5 miles with me. Her pace is a bit slower than mine, but slow miles with a partner are waaay better than no miles at all. I told her I needed to get in a minimum of 6 miles, so I told her I would do 2 around our mini circle and then drive over and we would do 4-5.

Easter Weekend 2010 019

I made sure that I made my 2 solo miles count since I knew they would be my fastest, and I was still trying to get in as many miles as possible before I had to get ready for work.

2.15 miles- 19:08
Mile 1- 8:46
Mile 2- 8:58

After my 2 I headed down the road for a buddy and to finish my run. We kept a solid 11:30 pace and when walk breaks were needed I would do 1 minute of strides getting up to an 8:30 pace and quite far ahead of her, and then loop back to meet back up with her and keep running. That gave her a 2 minute walk break, me a little more mileage and some speed- all good!

Easter Weekend 2010 020

We finished in about 57 minutes and did about 5 miles. Splits here look as follows:
Mile 3- 11:15
Mile 4- 10:44
Mile 5- 10:35
Mile 6- 11:37
Mile 7- 10:33
7-7.33- 3:26 (10:25 pace)

We also had about 1/2 mile to walk back to the house from the road, so I am calling this a 7.5 mile workout.
I hightailed it home at that point to get ready for my day, and did so in record time. I didn’t have a chance to throw together a solid breakfast so I stopped at the gas station for a water and hopefully some more protein.

I picked up this Muscle Milk Light, Vanilla flavor. John drinks the chocolate ones almost ever day, so I figured it couldn’t be that bad, and it had the nutritional components I was looking for. I almost spit out the first sip I took, it tasted like liquid chalk! I tried 2 more small sips, but wasn’t having it so I chucked it.
After work, I had a hot date to meet my friend Eliza to hopefully decide on her wedding dress. Heather and I had fun observing and looking at her choices


I am happy to say a dress was purchased, and it looks Fantastic on her!!! It was fun to go to help her pick her dress, and we decided that since THE dress was found that we needed to celebrate with a drink.


We went next door to Chilis and had margaritas to celebrate! It was nice to catch up for a little bit before John and I had to hit the road for Palm Coast to celebrate Easter with my family.

Easter Weekend 2010 021

Every year my mom makes the same Bunny cake she has since I was little, I am a big fan of the bunny and his jelly bean eyes! My favorite piece is the ear, but sadly this year his ear was chocolate so I had a piece of his face.


I also may or may not have had many of these oatmeal raisin cookies, they are my favorite!
Well, I am beat from my busy weekend, and it’s not even over yet. I am off to bed, I have another run planned for tomorrow, hopefully it goes smoothly and then off to Lawtey for Easter #2!!

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