Friday, March 19, 2010


I seriously never thought Friday was going to make it, and I am SO happy that it has. I am excited to actually have a full 2 day weekend, my first in 2 whole months- craziness! It would be nice if I had a little more time to myself this weekend, but I am certainly not in a position to be picky.

Last night after I left you, and work, John and I were both craving dessert so we headed up to the store and I picked up one of these...

We picked up some cake sliced from Publix, and I must say that the Rasberry Decadence Cake hit the spot!

Today I woke up and hit the gym for yesterday's missed workout. I did 3 miles of speedwork on the TM and it went pretty flawlessly. I did a 1 mile warm up at my standard 9:30pace, then for the last 2 miles it was 1 minute sprinting at a 7:30 pace and 1 mile at a normal 9:30pace. I was really pleased to get in about 3.25 miles, and then I got home and remembered that it was supposed to be 4 miles speedwork...oops! I misread my schedule, but 3 was about all I had tome for, and it is certainly better than nothing.

Work happened today and then I was off to pick up my things for my race this Sunday, I got in and out pretty quickly and managed to walk out of 1st Place Sports without any unnecssary purchases, this is a major accomplishment for me! I will however probably be making a very large amazon order in the next few days- with exclusively running items :)

I had planned to have pizza for dinner tomorrow night since it is my favorite pre-race meal. John however is planning on starting a new food/fitness regimin tomorrow and was not interested in pizza for tomorrow, so I decided to order it for tonight, and then I would have some more for just me tomorrow night.

We ordered 2 pizzas, the large for us to share tonight, and the small for me tomorrow.

I couldn't resist stealing the teeniest piece from the small veggie pizza I ordered, and it was delicious!!!

I am saving the rest for tomorrow, there will certainly be enough!

For tonight's dinner, John and I shared a large sausage and pineapple on thin crust, this is our go-to favorite!

I had 2 small pieces from this pizza and called it quits with the dinner.

I did also have a glass of Riesling with seltzer to make a "white wine spritzer" or I as prefer to call it, a reduced calorie adult beverage.

Just as we had all witnessed last week, Peachie also wanted her shot at the adult beverage being poured...

She is very much a fan of her booze, crazy dog! At least she didn't get herself drunk like last week, I only gave her a couple of licks this evening.

I also managed to finish off the last piece of cake from our Publix adventure last night.

Tomorrow, is a busy day. It starts with an easy AM workout, headed to G'ville, visiting with my Grandmother, taking the GRE, coming home, and getting ready for Sunday's race!

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned, stay tuned for a pre-race post tomorrow, should be a good one!

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