Friday, March 12, 2010

Explosion Friday

So normally I am a big advocate of balance, moderation, and of course healthy habits. Well after a very long hard week at work I decided some long overdue indulgence was needed.

When I stopped to buy water on my way to work this morning, I seriously almost bought a pint of ice cream for breakfast but realized that was ridiculous- looking back on it, it seemed like a genius idea.

It was such a crazy hectic day that I did not get my morning snack or lunch and by the time I finally sat down at 4pm I realized the reason I was so exhausted and mean was because I had not eaten since breakfast!!!! I had managed to snack 2 small pieces of chocolate right before the insanity started about 10:30am and the sugar held me over all day. I ate the sandwich from my lunch and an apple at 4pm but knew I would be ready for an early dinner.

First things first, once home and the dog was walked, a large glass of wine was poured
No the wine was not cold, and yes I put ice in my wine as needed, no judgement please, it was needed today. I only managed to make it about 3 or 4 sips into this glass before I was greeted with a friend. While John and I were talking, I felt a tugging on my arm, looked over and saw this nonsense...

I have a booze hound! She could not seem to get enough of my wine, she stole a few licks while I was preoccupied, and I let her finish the watered down bit that was left at the end.

I also decided I wanted chicken wings for dinner, I had been mentioning this all week, and saying I would make my own so they were healthier...NOPE!

BWW provided dinner in the form of chicken wings with Onion rings! I had 4 bone in wings (2 spicy garlic flavor, and 2 mango habanero~spicy!!!!) John had an order of boneless wings and we spilt a regular order of onion rings :)

It was SO tasty and I have some leftovers to throw on top of a salad or just eat this weekend. So I realized that having a major meltdown and comfort eating happens to all of us, and I am no exception. I had it in me to feel guilty about such an over indulgence, but I don't. I know the key to maintaining an overly healthy lifestyle have nothing to do with deprevation, too much of that leads to tons of binging. I only had 4 wings and about the same number of onion rings- it could be a lot worse.

Onto bigger and better news, tomorrow is the Gate River Run, and due to a not cool work schedule I will not be running in this amazing race. This is the biggest 15k in the country and is know for being fantastic!
I am thinking of everyone running tomorrow, and wishing I was there to run with you!

Rock your 1st ever 15k Eliza! And best of luck to my mother who is doing the race on her own tomorrow!!!

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