Thursday, March 11, 2010

Injury Looming

Is it the weekend yet? This week has been as long and crazy as anticipated, and I cannot wait for it to be the weekend so I attempt to tackle my whole other to-do list.

So after my week of good workouts I got up this morning to tackle 4 miles of speedwork and some weights. From the second I started running my achilles tendon was hurting. There are times where I have pushed pretty hard and it is tight or sore the next day, but this was something different, something really uncomfortable. I managed to do a 1 mile warm-up at a 10 minute pace and then did 2 intervals at 1/4 mile each at an 8 minute pace and a 1/4 mile recovery at a 9:30 pace. When the pain had not subsided I knew I wouldn't be able to keep running, espcially through such a tough workout. I walked the last 2 miles at 4mph or a 15 minute pace on a serious incline of 10-12. I did some weights once I was finished but was pretty disappointed that I didn't get in my run as planned.

I am massaging the spot today and will do the same tomorrow. The remainder of today was a rest day and tomorrow will be as well. I have 9ish miles planned for Saturday morning and I really have no intentions of changing that plan, so hopefully this trouble spot loosens up quickly.

I know you are really supposed to rest, listen to your body and not push too hard, but I have a hard time following those rules. I have gotten to the point where I hate sitting still, and I have big goals I am trying to hit, tons of rest doesnt necessarily lead to that. Oh well, here is hoping I can listen to my own advice, until then, you will see a brief running hiatus.

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