Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello all and happy GRE Day here! I have made it home and taken my test, and the word on the street is that I scored high enough to not have to take that lame test again, woo!!!

Just in case your Saturday was as lame as mine and you are doing nothing on this beautiful day, here is what my day looked like.

I woke up at a normal workday time to get showered, fed and out the door by 8am. The drive was easy and I was enjoying listening to all my bad music, but a desolate drive can still get a bit boring...

Since I never really took the time to show it off, here is my haircut that I have had now for a month, I am very pleased with it, and with my ability to take self-portraits while driving. Kids DON'T try that ever!

Also, on my drive down to Gainesville, I noticed some hard core military choppers and had to attempt a shot

They looked really cool as they flew overhead, but this was the best I got.

I got to G-vegas a few hours before my test to visit with my Grandmother. We had a good time catching up, and she seemed to have read my mind and had all the fixin's for the roastbeef sandwich I had been craving yesterday but never got. That right there was my good luck charm- SO GOOD!

I was quite annoyed on my way to my test that it was PERFECT beach weather today and I was stuck in a windowless testing hole to take the GRE. I  promised myself a reward as long as I passed with a minimum of an 1100- what I considered the minimum respectable score.

Well I took my test, and finished in exactly 2 1/2 hours, good job me! I did manage to surpass my 1100 point minimum, and between the short time elapsed + non-crappy score, I was pleased and headed for Gainesville's Mecca....

PITA PIT!!!!! For those who have been, we could spend hours speaking of it's amazing-ness, for those who have never been, GO!!!!

I have missed my beloved Pita Pit since I left Gainesville 28 months ago, and have only had it once since. The closest one to me is about 45 minutes away in a way off suburb of Jacksonville that I never go to, so this was my only shot for a while.

I ordered, my usual, the Chicken Crave which has Chicken breast, a slice of ham and cheese of your choice- I chose swiss:)

Topped with Veggies and a little honey mustard I enjoyed this baby on my drive home. It was SO good, and I hope its not another 2 years before I go back. I am home now, having my leftover pizza for dinner, and  keeping off my feet for now.

John and I have plans to head up to sneakers in a bit to meet some friends to play pool and watch some March Madness. My plan is to partake for about an hour and 1 beer before heading home to hydrate and rest for my race tomorrow.

I have noticed I am not taking my little 10k with the same excitement and neuroticism as I did for my half marathon, I know my body can easily crank out 6 miles, its just a matter of how fast.

For those who are inquiring, my goal for my 1st 10k is to finish in under an hour, and under 59 would really be ideal as it would give me an average 9:30pace, we will see how it goes!!!!

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