Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calm, and Ten Things Tuesday

It is amazing how much calmer I feel just to be done with that test and have it out of my sights. I slept like a log like night even with the little doggie down at my feet- she would not get in her bed last night and when we kicked her off the big bed she would open the door and go out to the living room, so John caved and she slept by my feet all night.

Despite crawling into bed light I was more than ready to get up for my workout at 5am. Technically Tuesdays are a cross-training and weights day, but I mixed it up.

So this week my 10 Things Tuesday is my 10 Things I did during my morning workout:

1.  10 Min Stationary bike to warm-up
2.  Abs - 3 sets on what I call the crunch machine and 3 sets with medicine ball on the decline bench
3.  Obliques - 3 twisty sets on the decline bench
4.  Arm Cross, 3 sets
5.  Chest Press, 3 sets
6.  Overhead Press, 3 sets
7.  Dips, 3 sets
8.  3M run (9:20 avg pace)
9.  .46M walking (b/w 3.7 and 4mph)
10.  Stairs- on the big stair climber set to intervals, and man let me tell ya, this HURT!

This morning ended up being 50 minutes of cardio and about 20 minutes of weights, but I forgot to go back and do shoulder so I will be heading back this evening to get some buff shoulders and probably some more abs, I felt like the few exercises I did weren't as effective as I would like. I really wish my gym had an ab class. The gyms I went to in HS and College both had awesome 20 minutes abs or abs and glutes classes that would leave me in pain the next day- I miss that, I can never seem to get a really killer ab workout on my own. Any suggestions???


  1. A great way to get a good ab exercise is to do core workouts such as planks. Those will tear you up in a good and bad way! :)

  2. I always forget about planks, probably cause I am no good at them, ha! good call!