Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Hey Bloggies, it's Tuesday, even though I was convinced all day that it was Wednesday. Today started early with some Hill Walking and Weights (chest, shoulders, and triceps). They worked I could barely wash my hair when I was done. Tonight I have been catching up on some neglected schoolwork and Biggest Loser :)

With it being a relatively mild Tuesday I thought I would start a new tradition to make Tuesday's a bit more entertaining: Introducing Ten Things Tuesday!

Every Tuesday you will get 10 fun-filled, humorous facts about yours truly, after all, this blog is about me:) So here it goes:

1. My new favorite creation is to make a sandwich out of 2 baby Reese's with PB in the middle :)
2. I have a serious obsession with dry-fit workout paraphenalia.
3. All my sweaters in my sweater drawer have been relocated to the closet effective this past weekend b/c 1 workout drawer was not enough. There are now 2, one for tops, and one for bottoms. Sad, I know.
4. My toenails must always be painted with no chips and ready for sandal weather (duh, we live in FL).
5. Being obsessive about really random things is part of my genetic make up. The bed has to be made before I get in it, I cannot walk out of the kitchen without it being clean, and see above comment on toenail polish.
6.I HATE Grape Flavoring of any kind. Grapes I love; wine, bring it on, but do not under any circumstances bring me a grape flavored...anything! It will end up on your shirt!
7. I am a planner, like a serious planner. I have already mapped out all the races I am considering for this year AND next. You can see crazy planning here.
8. Sappy romantic movies like The Notebook are my all time favorite, but I rarely watch them because they make me cry uncontrollably for a substantial amount of time. Yes, even when I have seen them 1,000+ times.
9. Wearing pantyhose is like death. I would rather be stuck in acid-wash tapered leg jeans than pantyhose.
10. I have extreme difficulties making decisions on my own. And not so much the actual making of the decision, but the need to talk out the entire thing with someone else listening before I will commit.

Did that get you excited or what, I sure had fun writing about my wierdness. The above link is for the Race Calandar I have compiled for myself and anyone else out there looking for some quality races. The Pinked in races are the ones I am for sure committed to, other than that, I am still working it all out.

Please let me know if any of you are doing those races as I am always looking for new people to run with, leave a note in the comments.
Also, if there are any that I missed, let me know!

Tomorrow morning I am hitting up spinning before work, and I am pumped! I haven't done a spinning class in a while, but I really enjoyed the ones I have done before. I wanted to get in an additional cross-training workout each week, and Wednesday morning spin fits in great! See ya then!

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