Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spin Class Fail, Training Schedule, and a Race

So before I get to all the fun stuff I will start by saying that I opted out of spinning this morning for some extra time in my big fluffy bed. Peachie happily joined in as well.

After work I went on my 3 mile easy run as scheduled, but I was running solo this evening. I told myself this was to be an easy run as I have a pretty torturous one in store for tomorrow morning. I had planned to run the whle thing somewhere between a 9:30 and 10 minutes pace.

3 Miles- 29:04
   Mile 1- 9:39
   Mile 2- 9:40
   Mile 3- 9:41
It took me 4 seconds to stop my watch so per my splits I actually ran 3 miles in 29 minutes even.

Once all the running was finished I headed up to the gym to get in my own "spin class" I had very strong intentions of getting in 1 whole hour of cardio today, and I was not about to run 6 miles. So I hopped on the stationary bike, set it up on some intervals and got cranking. I managed to get in 20 minutes on the bike and decided to mix it up from there. I got onto the gauntlet (huge revolving stair-climber) for the last 10 minutes and cranked it up with some intervals. I feel like my butt has gotten old-lady flat from all the running and I knew the stairs will help to get some of it back. So I managed to get the hour of cardio in that I wanted today, and I felt very accomplished :)

Dinner was just kind of thrown together, but ended up being pretty delish. I made some shrimpies and threw them on top of a spinach salad with feta cheese and some italian dressing. A peach was had for dessert, not the dog, the fruit variety.

Now, as many of you saw during 10 things Tuesday I have already compiled a list of all the Florida area races that are promising for the next year basically. If you missed it, check it out here

I have become  quite fond of Google Documents where I can put in all my crap and spreadsheets that I create and have access to them anywhere. This big guy has taken a lot of work and is my baby

The front tab is my current 18 week schedule I am following leading up to the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th weekend. I am still not 100% doing this race, but it was a good transistion point as it falls on my birthday weekend. The 2nd tab has a tenative fall schedule built and if you look close enough you will see it is built for marathon training. I have not yet fully committed to any one marathon or even doing one at all, but the seed is in my brain so we will see. The problem is there are SO many halfs that I want to do in the fall and early spring 2011 that I am concerned where I would fit in a marathon, but it is really something I want to do, to be that small percentage of the population who has done it.

Onto other news, I have officially registered for the St. Patty's Day 10k here in Jacksonville! With that being said there will officially be no more half marathons this spring, unless some crazy stars align and my schedule is magically transformed- highly doubt this!

I really thought long and hard about whether or not to squeeze in another long distance race this spring, and I am glad I decided against it. As anxious as I am to do more and beat my previous time, I realize that it will take some time to make real improvement with my speed and especially since I have never pushed this hard and run this far before the last thing I want to do is set myself up for injury going into what I want to be a race-filled fall and winter season. Taking the time to really maintain a good base at this level I think will be great to improving my speed and strength going into my next half, I already have lofty goals of taking at least 10 minutes of my time, and that will not magically happen after 6 weeks. I still plan on racing all spring and some this summer, but really just keeping myself healthy and motivated for an amazing fall.

Starting tomorrow the rest of the work week is rediculously crazy so I am calling it a night, will see you from the craziness tomorrow.

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