Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ten Solo

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone enjoyed the nice spring weather, I know I sure took advantage of it.

Last night I headed to bed at a reasonable hour with my alarm set for 5:20am to get up and ready for my planned 10 mile run. Today I was looking at something I had never done before: a double-digit solo the dark.

Due to some recent happenings in Jacksonville, I heeded John's warning that it was probably best not to be out running solo in the pitch black for almost 90 minutes before the sun came up. I decided to start my run as planned so I didn't eat into too much of my day, but I would do the first few miles in the indoor safety of the gym and then head outside to finish it up. It was not bad at all, and was actually a nice way to break up a long run.

I trotted along on the treadmill. Hoped off, refilled my water, inhaled my sport beans and was off again. I tried not to give myself rest time while I was transitioning, and I felt it went as seemlessly as possible, and probably is what allowed me to maintain my pace. Splits look like this:

10 Miles- 1:35.12, Avg HR 171, Avg Pace 9:31

Mile 1- 10:00
Mile 2- 9:31
Mile 3- 9:22
Mile 4- 9:31
Mile 5- 9:22
Mile 6- 9:40
Mile 7- 9:27
Mile 8- 9:39
Mile 9- 9:10
Mile 10- 9:11

After a week off of running I found it a bit tougher to keep my usual pace, but I handled it, and I am sure another day or 2 it will be normal again.

Once finished I sucked it up and did what I knew I had to do...

ICE BATH!!! I knew I would need to ice my knee as well as my ankle/inner calf that has been troublesome, plus my right foot which started to ache the last mile. Well that would be a lot of individual icing, so I decided 15 minutes in a cold bath was the most efficient option. It was cold, but hot tea and a magazine make 15 minutes fly by.

After my bath I whipped up some breakfast for myself, and also managed to steal a small bit of John's

I made a 1 egg and egg white omlet with spinach, ham and onions, topped with a little cheese, 1C Strawberries and a stolen Cinnamon Roll that John had made.

After breakfast, John and I worked together to get about 1/3 of my test done. I was pleased to get that much cranked out in about an hour, and was starting to feel better about it, but truth be told, I haven't touched it since then, it was too perfect a Saturday to eat up any more time with a test.

We went out, enjoyed the weather, had lunch and ran some errands. The errands were of my favorite kind, shopping!!!

I got a couple new dry-fit shirts from Sports Authority, they actually were all out of the shirt I really wanted, they had no more in my size :( But I was more than happy with these two purchases, and the price!

John and I decided to try and be smart and a tad healthier and make dinner at home, so we decided on doing homemade pizza since we had a pizza crust we needed to use.

It was certainly healthier than take-out pizza, but I definitely think we could have been healthier. We topped out pizza with some pineapple and a little ham that I normally use to make my lunch sandwiches, it was tasty!

Tomorrow there will be some much cleaner eats, I have been pretty bad in the last 24 hours, and that is no way to get to where I want. Back to my usual veggieness tomorrow! We have an AWESOME day planned tomorrow- again, minus the calc test, but hopefully I can knock it out and get a passing grade.

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