Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skinny Jeans and Squash Repeat

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! After yesterday's extreme success, I knew I wanted to make today worthwile and productive.

I started of the morning, sleeping in by normal standards, and made it to the gym a little later than usual. My knee was a bit sore and tender after my run yesterday, so I decided not to push it as I have a strong week planned AND a race on Sunday!

I started off with my leg weights as per the schedule, but did not get to do squats. I also took advantage of being an hour late for the gym and made it to the 9am spin class. Normally I am long gone by the time this class rolls around, so I was excited to make it today.

The 45 minute spin class was without a doubt the toughest one I have ever taken! I have taken many spin classes over the years, and several at this specific gym, but this instructor really worked my butt! She teaches Sunday mornings, and MW at 6:30, I will definitely be taking her class again. She had us doing several intervals of 'hops' or up for 3 seconds and down for 3 seconds- killer, especially after all the weights I had already done. I left there drenched in sweat and came home.

Up next came the usual grocery store trips, organizing the kitchen, and lunch. I studied for about 2 hours for the GRE and did a little schoolwork while the laundry was running. After that I saw the beautiful weather and was itching to head out for a run, the knee was not feeling it so I leashed up Peachie for a walk.

Obviously this was a very slow walk as my partner has to stop and sniff EVERYTHING, but it was a nice day and it was nice to just get out. I was a little bummed I didn't take advantage of the wonderful day to get in a nice outdoor run, but what can you do.

Now the big news: I headed home to put away laundry and get ready for the week, and while putting yesterdays new purchases away I pulled out a pair of jeans that I had been keeping around for a rainy day. I know most women have the sacred pair of "skinny jeans" that they have from their college days or skinner times that they keep around hoping they will one day get back into- well today I put on those skinny jeans and I was ecstatic!!!

The only reason I even own jeans this small is because I got a horrible flu my freshman year of college and lost 15lbs in the 3 weeks I was sick. I had to go get a pair of jeans that fit as all mine were too large at that time for about 3 months until I gained most of the weight back.

This was the night those jeans made their first appearance in February 2005. We were at Universal Studios for their Mardi Gras Festival. This was about 3 days post illness and right after I had gone back to my natural dark hair. We both look so young in this picture, even though you can't see the jeans, I had to put it up, brings back so many memories!

Tonight I got baking again, and I knew I wanted to have easy options for lunch this week, enter the beast...

I bought a big spaghetti squash at Publix today and knew I woulg get several lunches out of it this week. Considering how big it was, it was almost impossible to cut in half, my halves were very uneven

I lightly PAMed a cookie sheet, put squashy face down and baked on 375 for an hour. So simple.

Once finished it is SO easy to finish up, flip it over, grab a fork, and get started

Fork out all the yummy goodness! This really tastes great with marinera and cheese, and it gave me 3 lunches at 1 1/2 cups of squash each.

I have a big week coming up- busy at work, good training week, the GRE and my first 10k, I need to get excited, not there yet.

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