Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can cook

You get a double dose today, you should all feel so loved!

After work John and I headed back up to the gym so I could beat up my neglected shoulders and my abs since it pretty much seemed I had done nothing to them this morning. I wore my old sneakers so I wouldn't be tempted to run- I am suprised after all I have done this week that my legs aren't more tired.

I came home and had big plans for dinner again! On Sunday John and I agreed that I wouldn't be making big/normal dinners this week. He thinks it is "such a production" to make a normal meal of chicken and rice or veggies or whatever. So I told him he was on his own, and I think 3 days in he has already realized that it is boring and there is nothing to eat when I don't cook :)

I however, have taken the opportunity to make things I don't normally because John doesn't eat them and then it really is a production. So tonight I made myself half a sweet potato (in fry form) a few shrimpies and some mushrooms- it all turned out delish!!!!

Perfectly portioned dinner and suprisingly low in calores for as much as it was- coming in under 350 calories but 25 grams of protien! I also had another billion strawberries as dessert, I am suprised there are any left from that huge carton, I feel like I have been eating them non-stop!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, Spinning in the AM, and 3 miles Easy after work. The last couple weeks- easy miles have never ended up easy, so tomorrow I am going to focus on having a comfortable conversational pace and see what that it, because I feel like my comfortable pace is starting to change, in a good way.

Off to watch the evil back-stabbing shenanigans on the Biggest Loser!!!

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  1. I had shrimp and sweet potatoes too! I roasted eggplant, sweet potatoes and onions in the oven, and then simmered diced tomatoes and shrimp in a pan. It was yummy! I also had some brown rice for more carbs.