Monday, March 15, 2010

Biggest Day of the Year

Today is the day that has been circled on my calendar since last fall, not for any amazing reason, but because it was to be our craziest, busiest, work day (and week) of the year. Yeah it has pretty much been that, and my eating has been WAAAY off since I got to work before the sun came up, and hit up some Easter Chocolate that made its way in, so I am feeling a bit off today, and even a tad guilty. There was no need to go to town on all the candy, and I am disappointed I didn't use better self control, but such is life I guess.

I did manage to have one awesome food success today- New Hummus!

Spicy Three Pepper Hummus was a new item I spotted at the grocery store yesterday. It is really not spicy like the label claims, but after many many bites you start to notice a subtle heat about it. It is very good! So far I have never met an Athenos brand of hummus I didn't like.

I got out work later and more beat-up than anticipated. I knew I needed to get in some quality exercise to work out all of my negative energy and be a nicer person at home. I did not have the energy or motivation to pace myself on a tempo run, so I went to my old trusty friend TM. I had an awesome run tonight, ranging my speed between 6.3 and 6.7 consistently and a few laps at 7.0 for good measure. I finished my 3 mile tempo in 27 minutes and felt great afterwards. 9:30 seems to be my comfortable go to pace, and its nice to be able to see the progression to get there. Pushing during my longer runs, make it so easy to maintain a quicker pace on shorter runs without much difficulty, and I am super excited now for my race this weekend!

After my run I came home to help John unclog the garbage disposal, and by help I mean hold the flashlight and make gagging noises. I was starving by then and couldn't think of what I wanted for dinner, and suddenly it came to me...Breakfast!!!

I made a humongous omelet with mushrooms, ham, spinach, onion and topped with some goat cheese. I also had 1 slice of toast with some apple butter. Delicious!!!

Tomorrow is another very early day to work, and I plan to hit the gym before work too, so I am going to watch a little more tv and then its time for bed!

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