Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Success!

Welcome to what had been my most successful Saturday in quite some time. I was super bummed that I could not do the Gate River Run today, so I set out to run my own personal 15k this morning.

I knew I wanted to push myself even though I was racing nothing but the Garmin. I got myself extra pumped up by wearing one of my matching race outfits, that always makes me run better :)

Rather than doing a 9.3 out and back, I did the first 6 and then did the last 3.3 on my usual out and back route. At mile six I stopped the Garmin to get a Clif Shot out of my camelbak. The razz flavor was gross and will not be seen again, I will stick with shot blocks or sport beans, they work the best.

John had come out on the bike to meet me as I was approaching mile 6, we chatted while I downed the gu and then I was out again. I knew I wanted to finish in under 90 minutes, that would leave me under a 10 minute pace for the entire 9.3 miles, and I knew that was good considering I had none of the perks of a real race like crowd support or a medal at the end.

I did make it in under my goal, and actually was quite pleased with my accelerate pace the last 3.3 miles, I guess that gu break really helped!

I ran the Stephanie Solo 15k in 1:27.29, and an average of a 9:25 pace. SUCCESS!!!

9.3 miles, 1:27.29
Mile 1- 9:50
Mile 2- 9:57
Mile 3- 9:39
Mile 4- 9:26
Mile 5- 9:31
Mile 6- 9:24
Mile 7- 9:16
Mile 8- 8:56 woo!
Mile 9- 9:02
Last .3- 2:28 (8:22 pace)

I felt pretty good afterwards, no overwhelming aches or pains, just general tiredness. My left achilles did not act up at all, and still is feeling good. SUCCESSS!!! Lets cross our fingers it stays this way.

After the run came work and then I was on a misson to find some new jeans that fit me. SUCCESS!!!

I managed to snag 2 pairs of jeans today, both of which were on sale! I was so pleased I even managed to slip on one pair tonight when I headed out to pick up dinner.

This pair is a new style I found at Ann Taylor Loft, my favorite store!!! The fit everywhere and are long enough, woo! No more tall-ish person discrimination!

I also headed over to J.Crew with the intention of using their red phone to order my favorite shorts free of shipping since they normally don't carry the 3 inch inseam shorts in their store. Well I was beyond excited to see they had the style I love AND in my size!!!

I left with the 2 colors I had planned on replacing since mine I already had were far too large. SUCCESS!!!

Obviously today was full of successes, and I am not contemplating all the work that lies ahead of me tomorrow: GRE studying, schoolwork, cleaning, grocery shopping, making dinner, gym, bike ride, laundry, and a lot of reading I am dying to catch up on.

Have a good rest of the evening, hopefully you will see me tomorrow with a fully checked off to-do list.

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