Monday, November 23, 2009


So despite feeling like nothing happened today, I actually have quite a bit to write about, but I am sleepy so gonna try to keep it short.
Slept in a bit this morning which was nice, and still had plenty of time to make it to work by 8am. The TT who lives at the front desk was absolutely awful today in all respects- would very much like her to go away. AND on top of all else, the A/C was broken when we got to work today, made for a steamy morning, thats for sure. I added some of beloved Goat Cheese to my salad at lunch time today, and by add I mean put the feta on the salad as normal and ate the goat cheese I had brought out of the container with a spoon- no judgement please, it is my weakness!
I came home, John and I were scheduled for 4 miles tonight, but he felt like he was getting some minor shin splints so he took the night to rest the legs and I went to hammer out 4 miles on the revolving apparatus of death (aka...treadmill). I have grown to dislike the treadmill since we have been running outside, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my treadmill experience this evening. I did 2 miles on the t-mill in the Fox News Cardio Room and then did the last 2 miles in the ESPN Room. I was able to do the first 2 miles in 22:48- but at negative 1/2 miles splits. I am really trying to work on the whole negative split thing so I will be able to push through any exhaustion on race days and I also think it helps me to pace myself- we will see tomorrow when we get back on the road. I only took one- 1 minute walk break between mile 1 and 2. After switching rooms I cranked out the last 2 miles (again at negative 1/2 miles splits) in 21 minutes with no walk breaks! I think I was sufficiently warm at this point and was ready to get home and have a yummy dinner!
John and I had a special dinner in mind and with him taking it off tonight I could send him up to the store to get the 1 ingredient we were missing...Pizza Sauce.
After my little baby pizza last night, we decided to make our own personal mini pizzas- SO smart by the way!
John made several with just sauce and cheese on Arnold Sandwich thins- the perfect size!
I had 2 halves: the first was pizza sauce, mozarella blend cheese, onion, ham, and oregano. The second had pizza sauce, goat cheese:) and oregano! Both were fantastic and I am already craving more!!!!!!!
I only have 1 very short chapter left for my calc class this semester and I have 3 weeks (including this one) to do it, so no homework tonight!
Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Potluck at work, but I am not super interested. Not sure how comfortable I am eating food from some of these people's kitchens (Yes, I am officially a food snob, but if you saw what I do every day you would understand why) but secondly I am trying to save my splurge day for actual Thanksgiving and the Stuffing that is already calling my name!
Bed is calling my name now...Night!

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