Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peachie is Famous for a Day!

We will get to Peachies star glory momentarily...

When the alarm went off at 5:15am it was all I could do not not break it and go back to sleep. After about 5 minutes or debating in my head I decided since I was mentally awake it was time to get up and run as planned. With today being my Late Day this week, that meant I was running before work today and was also going to be running alone. I do not run our normal route unless John is with me as it is not the safest or most well-lit place. Well last night I decided since I was running by my lonesome that I would do 2- 1 mile loops around our circle (we really lucked out that it is exactly a mile) and then I would go to the gym (only 1/4 mile from our front door) to do the last 2 miles on the treadmill (maybe even some sppedwork).

Well at 5:20 the idea of running in 2 huge circles when I was not super motivated just did not sound fun to me- so I headed straight to the gym. I told myself I had to do at least 3 miles on the treadmill, which I thought was do-able as this was the only way I used to run when I first started, well after about a mile and a half I was ready to chew my arm off in boredom, wierd, I Know! Even with the news rolling and all sorts of new scandals to listen to I just couldn't get in the zone. I ended up getting my 3 miles in and decided I would do the last mile on the bike. We me being in running mode assumed I could do a solid mile in about 10 minutes, boy was I wrong! 4 minutes later I hit 1 mile on the bike and decided I would still ride for the intended 10 minutes (about how long it would have taken me to run a mile). So I rode a total of 2.5 miles which I think makes up for the lack for running by 1 mile, and I used some different muscles, see I am so efficient!

I am feeling guilty though and may run Peachie for 1 mile tonight just to say I did 4 miles today:)

I had the normal breakfast of FF Plain Yogurt with Blueberries plus 2 slices wheat toast (one with apple butter and one with PB and Banana) Yum!

Dont forget TOP CHEF Tonight! There are only 5 chefs left and I think they certainly are the top 5. Since tomorrow's run is after work I will most likely stay up to watch said new episode this evening.

Now, onto the exciting story!

Let me preface this story by saying that I have become an avid blogstalker in recent months and have found a good handful that I check at least 2-3 times/day. One girl who I check religiously has a Jack-Russell Puppy named Maddie, and my littel Peaches LOVES to check the blogs with me at night to see Maddie updates, pictures and videos! Well I managed to snap a picture of Peaches attacking my laptop the other night trying to play with Maddie who had some new pictures posted on Meghann's Blog, and last night I sent it off to Meghann so she could see her new fan, but also Maddie's blog friend!

Fast Forward to this morning...

As I am about to walk into my daily 11am "meeting" I went to check my fav blogs that had not been updated when I left the house this morning. And Meghann had posted my email and pictures I sent her last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, My Peachie is Famous in the larger blogger Community for a day!
Check out Meghann's Blog to see her super sweet Post featuring Miss Peach!

I got so excited to see it and that Meghann had enjoyed my email and blog-loving dog as much as I enjoy hers! I tried to find a co-worker to listen to my exciting story only to find none available:(

So I immediately sent John and crazy email telling him to check it out, he laughed, as usual, but I am super excited!

Hopefully Peachie and Maddie will get to meet one day! Off to do work now and will be back this evening!

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