Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The little extras

So last night which should have been a quick evening, turned into barely making it to bed by the time I planned. A little bit of everything kept getting in the way.
I overslept yesterday morning, no doubt due to our fun filled and sleep deprived weekend, but I did manage to make it to work on time:)
I ran to target on a late lunch break to pick up a couple things we needed, and managed to find John and waterbottle more suited to run with ( squirt top rather than a twist top).
After that is when it all spiraled out of control, I was late getting out of work, had to get dinner ready, run (that went well) 3 miles in 31:20, average pace 10:27. My knee was really sore after this so I iced it during dinner.
I made stir-fry for dinner, nothing fancy but it was easy after a run.
I ended up with 1 more homework section than I had thought I had, so again, was running behind with no time to relax- this is why I permanently build in relaxing me time every night. Bath Time! I had a super hot bath which felt good on my tired muscles, and caught up on my latest magazine.
I think morning bloging may fit in well with my schedule as I give myself nothing else to do in the mornings except eat breakfast and get ready for work.
Today= work, dinner, homework, maybe some weights- it is technically an off day for cardio so I might take advantage of this and get some weights in as I have been neglecting it recently.
Off to get ready. Have a great Tuesday!

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