Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Slow Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to all, today most certainly crawled by here in my world. Work has started off very slow this week, and as you can imagine that does not make the boss happy. I had the usual breakfast today, but decided that tomorrow morning I want to make some eggs, so I am making sure I have all veggies ready to go to toss in there in the AM!
I again made my new chicken sandwich for lunch- Arnold Sandwich Thin with Laughing Cow Cheese, roast chicken and some Honey Mustard- YUM! I also paired it with spinach and feta salad and my last peach! The spinach hit the spot, and I have some more fun ideas for sandwiches, but I figure I will finish off this chicken first.
I really had every intention of doing some cross training tonight and going to the gym to ride the bike, but working late, plus some laziness and Homework led to me deciding to forego the Bike. I don't feel too bad about this because today is a scheduled off day anyways and I ate perfectly today- No Bad Snacking! Although I am toying with a quick AM bike ride tomorrow...
Yesterday John and I decided we wanted some warm fall food and decided to make soup and grilled cheese for dinner! I LOVE the V8 Soups that have come out the last few years, and we buy this anytime we want tomato soup and I add a little skim milk to make it a little creamier. I also bought a roasted red pepper and butternut squash flavor to try- It will probably be me trying and John eating something else, but I think they will be quite tasty.
I mady my grilled cheese on an Arnold Sandwich Thin ( I seriously Love these little guys) and put half chedder cheese and half swiss-perfect combination! If you have not yet tried the sandwich thins, I urge you to do so- I will even send you one of mine to sample that is how awesome I think they are!
So today I only managed to fit in 30 minutes for lunch (oh well) and finished my magazine. Although I still have 2 at home to read and a 3rd arrived today.
Last fall I went a tad overboard with magazine subscriptions as I kept getting great deals on several magazines I liked all produced by the same publisher. To date I am getting:
~Marie Claire
~I also still find myself buying other ones from time to time
I know! Like I said, out of control!!!! Since most are up for renewal I have been thinking about what I want to keep and what I can chuck
~Cosmo: Still undecided, but will most likely hang on to it
~Glamour: Ditch it! Read it in College b/c my roommate subscribed to it and I thought I really liked it. I can live without it for sure
~Marie Claire: Indifferent...Say Bye Bye!
~Self: My new fav, it will be renewed For Sure!!!
~Redbook: I do enjoy this one, it is very well balanced and is dirt cheap- $12 for 2 years! I know, will probably hold on just for the deal!
~Shape: This was a recent addition and I really do like it. It helps give me new workout ideas and has some awesome recipes that John and I have tried! Also keeps me from slipping into bad habits.
~ now for the new ones... I will be adding 2 Magazines to the list
...Fitness and
...Runner's World
Yes I seem to be taking this whole running thing pretty seriously, but I really am having fun and it has a nice competive edge with all the races, and the magazines are keeping me super intruiged and pumped up about it all!
SO it total I will still be getting 6 monthly subscriptions, but at least I am consistent right???
How many magazines do you get?

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