Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick Post

Happy Long weekend to most people, I am getting sleepy and needing to get myself ready for my busy AM. Today worked out in my favor: it was poring rain when the alarm went off, so no run, which the legs will appreciate tomorrow. Went to whole food and to pick up race packet before work- my guess is about 1500 runners for tomorrow's races here in Jacksonville. Work was cut short by 2 hours- NO complaints here! John and I browsed for Xmas presents and are watching a movie and relaxing.
I need to figure out my race outfit for tomorrow now that it appears the temperatures will not be above 56-59 during our race- I think some layering is going to be needed- not entirely sure how to do that best, we dont have too many cold run days here in FL. After the race, home to shower and start the pie making and then yummy dinner:)
We are in for some super cool temperatures this weekend, and I am hoping the cool weather will be here to stay. We have our tickets for Saturday's UF/FSU game and I could not be more thrilled!
Better recap post race tomorrow.


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