Sunday, November 8, 2009

A bit of a Lazy Sunday

So I will say that I did get through my test today, I haven't submitted my answers yet, but that is what tomorrow is for! I do feel good about it though and John was kind enough to help me with a couple that left me feeling defeated.
I had a fantastic time grocery shopping at Costco and Publix and got some yummy things for us this week. Once home I unloaded the groceries and thoroughly cleaned out the refridgerator when I got home and am very pleased with how much cleaner and organized it is. I have done all the laundry and have put most of it away:)
Not on today's list, but was still very important: I spent a good amount of time with this month's Runner's World and catching up on my blog reading and getting ready for this week. I did go to run earlier also. Sunday's I have designated as the treadmill/speedwork day, but I think John and I are looking forward to going to run on a nearby track next weekend for this workout. I managed to do a 1/2 mile jog to warm-up, followed by 2 miles of intervals: 1/4 mile sprints at a 7:30 pace and 1/4 mile jog/walk to recover. That put me at 2.5 miles so I walked the last 1/2 mile at an incline to mix up which muscles were working. Today was only supposed to be 2 miles so I am glad I kept it pretty balanced, but my legs and abs can still feel the push from the intervals.
Tomorrow John and I have 4 miles on the books- we have only ever done 4 miles before on a weekend but our week day mileage will be increasing over the next few weeks so might as well get used to putting in the time. I may consider moving longer weekday runs to the mornings to avoid skipping them after a long day- perhaps we will start this next week.
Well, I am going to embrace the last little bit of my lazy Sunday and read in bed with Redbook- Yes I am aware that my magazine habits are out of control!

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