Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goat Cheese makes everything better!

SO my Saturday in St. Augustine was Fantastic, Laura and I had a wonderful afternoon catching up! I first stopped by her house to see how big her baby Roy had gotten. Wow, he is SO long and is super super soft!

We then went to this cute little Mexican restaurant for lunch, I had the most AMAZING lunch. Chile Rellanos, peppers stuffed with beef and topped with some kind so yummy sauce- I wish I could have finished the whole thing, it was quite tasty!
We then headed to the outlet mall so that I could indulge and browse the Nike Outlet for some quality workout gear. I have decided that since I am running so much and training for a half marathon that it is more than acceptable to invest in some quality workout gear. I am a VERY sweaty girl when I workout and I have a few dryfit shirts and I have come to prefer working out in these because it is not as heavy and miserable when I start sweating buckets. So I now have a fully stocked dryfit wardrobe- enough to enable me for 6-7 runs before really needing to do laundry. I also have invested in some quality running socks, and I will tell you these are the best things I have ever put on my feet. Under Armour makes my beloved sock, I have found them for $2-$3 a pair at TJ Maxx and Marshall's and stock up on a couple any time I see them.
After getting home, John was making burgers, but I was still too stuffed from lunch. We watched the end of a very exciting Ole Miss/LSU game, I am still not sure why Les Miles didn't have his field goal team ready, but a nice victory for the Rebels. Gators had a big win yesterday too, I am very excited for the FSU game this upcoming weekend.
This morning was quite productive, I woke up, ran, ate a super yummy yogurt bowl for breakfast and then started the first of 6 loads of laundry ( which I am about to have to start folding:(
Next came my favoorite part of the weekend, GROCERY STORES!!! First was Costco, we didn't have that much to get at Costco this week: sandwich thins, perrier, milk, almond butter, and apples for the apple pie that I am making for Thanksgiving! Then to publix for the usuals: yogurt and produce. I prefer to get most of our produce from publix, it is fresher and we eat it before it goes bad. I also stocked up on some Larabars and Clif Z-bars since they were on sale!
We made the remaining hamburger patties for lunch with a few fries which turned out to be a nice little lunch!

As I was switiching out a load of laundry I decided to clean out my dresser to make room for my new workout gear but also because its a good thing to do every once in a while and it has definitely been a year since I have attempted to do anything of the sorts. John headed to Lawtey for the afternoon, and I went to see the family for a 2nd lunch- I wasnt super hungry, but I couldn't resist an individual lasagna roll. After that I headed home to do more laundry and relax with the Peach. I made myself a 6:30 snack instead of a full dinner. It is this recipe I found in college, NO idea where, but I LOVE It. Take 1 onion (I only used half tonight since it was a small portion) either white or yellow and slice and carmalize it. Put carmalized onions on a pita (I used Arnold's Sandwich Thins) and coved in crumbled Goat Cheese which I also purchased at Publix today! Bake in over for 10-15 minutes or until pita is crisp and onions and cheese are slightly browned!
If you like Goat cheese, you will LOVE this, it is SOOOOOOOO good! But then again I realized that Goat Cheese makes anything better!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am off to fold all the laundry I did while John goes to procure our FSU tickets for this weekend:)
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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