Friday, November 27, 2009

Rachel Turns 16 = I am getting old

Ok, so this post is for Friday 11/27 but since blogger was being stubborn last night it is JUST NOW going up!

So Friday, the morning after Thanksgiving. I woke up later than usual, about 7am and John and I did some accidental Black Friday Shopping. We had no intentions of going, but ended up at the Avenues Mall, but I did get a few xmas presents out of the way, plus got a shirt for the SEC Championship game for next weekend:)

We had a super late breakfast/early lunch and relaxed a bit during and after eating. Since the weather was SO fantastic, we decided it was more appropriate to do our 6 miles run today at about 12:30 in the 57 degree weather than try to do it early morning Saturday when it would only be 40 degree, yikes! The 6 miles was easier than we thought it would be, and we stuck together the whole way which helped. We ran in 2 mile increments, stopping to walk for about 90 seconds every 2 miles. The last 2 miles I had to stop for 1 minute at each mile though-I wanted to make sure I could finish strong. We finished 6 miles in approx 1:07, which is a teeny bit over an 11 minute mile. My goal for our half-marathon in 10:30 min/miles but when training I have read it is best to spend as much time as possible running/on your feet, so doing slower longer runs is ok since your ultimate goal will certainly be longer than just an hour of running.

My legs were screaming after the run ( I think a lot of this had to do with a 6 mile new ling distance record only 1 day after a 6k race where I set a new personal record) so I decided I needed a small ice bath. Normally I will ice my knees after a long/hard run, but my quads, ankles, knees, hips, etc were all hurting so it was deemed that ice bath= good. It was chilly, but could have been worse. I lasted about 12 minuted before I drained the tub and set in for a quick shower. We were running late to head to Gainesville for my Cousin Rachel's 16th Birthday Celebration. Mom, Michael, and Yssa stopped by to pick up John and I to head to G'ville for the festivities. We were scrambling to get ready and get enough snacks and sugar for the trip to ensure we wouldn't crash before we made it to dinner.

I would certainly say that Rachel is my closest cousin and not just in age. It was just me for so many years and then little Rachel came along. It has been so fantastic getting to watch her grow up and see the amazing and gorgeous girl she has turned into. I am so glad they live closer now! This celebration was for her 16th Birthday this Tuesday- I will not be there so I was so excited to get to go and celebrate with her. My uncle Paul had worked hard to get Rachel her 1st car in time for her celebration with friends and family, and little Miss Rachel had NO Idea!

We all gathered at Paul's house to wait for everyone to arrive and then bring over the surprise.
During our wait, I was more than happy to love all over Lady, Paul's Great Dane. She is an absolute sweatheart, and I always want to bring her home with me!

Paul did a GREAT job organizing the surprise, and we got many angles of Rachel's shocked face as she discovered her new car in the Driveway!

We had many photgraphers taking pictures of the birthday girl with her new toy!

After many pictures were had and the girls had time to explore the cars many bells and whistles, we headed to Yamoto for dinner. Yamoto is a Japanese Steakhouse in Gainesville, and I had a FANTASTIC meal. I ordered a combination or shrimp and scallops and really enjoyed my seafood mix. I rarely make seafood at home since John does not like it, and its a lot to do for just me, so I try to eat it when I can.
After dinner we headed back for Jacksonville, but not before a few more pictures!
I remember when you were born and I felt like such a big kid that they let me hold the new baby ( I was 7 1/2)!

The family all gathered in Gainesville!

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