Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Minute Race

So my mother and I had been toying with doing the Free to Breath 5k this weekend, and at about 4pm today we decided to sign up! So Saturday morning we will be running 3.1 miles to help support lung cancer research. I am excited to add one more race in and it will fun to do it with just my mom. I am planning to run with her, so no PR's this weekend, I am saving the good one for our 6k Turkey Day race in a few weeks:)
In other news, I woke up a tad early to do all my homework this morning, and it was SO nice to have it all out of the way! I made a nice big omlet which I couldn't even finish, and it definitely kept me full til snack time!
Tonight John and I had a 3 mile run on the schedule which took me about 33:30 to finish due to some Serious Calf cramps- I realized as I was about to fall mid-run that I had not stretched AT ALL after our Monday run- silly me, so we had to take a couple walk breaks, but I was pleased that I still made it in a reasonable time. I do have 1 more 3 mile run tomorrow in which I was going to do some speedwork but to make-up for today and keep the calves fresh for Saturday I plan to just do 3 miles at race pace!
No new Top Chef tonight:( They are showing and All Star Reunion show...not really what I was in the mood for after the World Series has messed up my TV viewing for 2 weeks in a row now!
Well Peachie and I are headed to bed with a very lengthy to do list for tomorrow morning:

~3 mile run
~Homework( last 5 sections before the test this weekend)
~Get ready for work- really wish I could skip this one all together
~CVS to pick up Rx
~Target: NO I am not real shopping, I have to return a workout top I don't like and I need Toner and sunscreen because I am Out of Both (Don't neglect the Sunscreen, folks!)

In fun news, tomorrow is John and my 5 year Anniversary- that sure did go by quick, huh?

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