Sunday, November 1, 2009

Florida/Georgia Recap

Ok so after a day of recovery, cleaning and relaxing my favorite weekend of the year is officially over. We had a blast and made it a 4 day weekend this year. Daddy, Michele, Brooke, and Macy arrived Thursday night. We walked down to the landing and had dinner before I headed back to spend an evening alone with Ms. Peach since John was in Charlotte.
Friday was a busy busy day. I woke up early, did a hot and humid 4 mile run and then came home to start the baking! I found a football shaped cookie cutter at Hobby Lobby and decided we needed football brownies for the tailgate!
These little babies were most certainly my pride and joy for the weekend!
After baking, the fam came over to meet Peachie before we went to do a little shopping and get some pictures for Brooke. The Peach was so good and everyone seemed to love her! After our afternoon escapades they all headed back downtown and I put the pork in to start its 11 hours of sweating. We headed to the landing for dinner early as we had skipped lunch and ate with Crystal before the rest of the crew showed up. After dinner, we went back downstairs and some crazy non-fan hit it off with Michele and the girls, I found him creepy, see for yourself.

We took lots of pictures here, and he somehow has managed to sneak into at least half of them.
Thankfully not all of them and we were able to get many good ones!

Saturday brought a fantastic tailgate and we got to see everyone, but unfortunately I took NO pictures until we got to the game:( Game was good, VERY hot and I now have a tan line from my necklace, so it is a permanent necklace line, although If I am trying to be postive, the good news is that I will never be without a necklace. Also I have a remote-sized bruise on the back of my right leg from hitting the armrest on my seat a few too many times-ouch!

After the game when we got home I did manage to remember to do our Half-Marathon Registration because it went up another $20 today, so I wanted to make sure we got that in. So it is official, we are running our First Half- Marathon, the 13.1 with Donna at Jax Beach February 21, 2010, and it seems that John's sister Penny may be running it with us too!

Today we had breakfast at the Hyatt with everyone before they hit the road, and then John and I ran some errands and spent the day relaxing with Peachie. I did manage to sneak in a 3 mile run as the sun was going down super early. And Now I am going to get in bed and read before crashing early.

Happy Florida/Georgia weekend to everyone, and yes, we are already planning for 2010!

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