Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a Tuesday/ Rainy Wednesday

So Tuesday was not much less than what I expected. Nerves, panic, stress, yelling, you get the picture. Orientation days are never positive you are always sitting their in a nerve-wracked state wondering where the student you just talked to has gone. That being said- I made it through orientation day with no surprises. We also had our potluck lunch yesterday. SOme things were tasty, some were not, and some I specifically avoided all together. I actually managed not to eat too much, I was pleased. I kept the food consumption under control, but had small xervings of several desserts.
Today I actually have to work until 8pm- rediculous I know! So I am trying to decide how to take care of my student who is coming in at 10am when I have NO intention of going in before 10:45am. I need to pick up our race packets for tomorrow, and if I am going to be over there you KNOW I am gonna run into whole foods to pick up something tasty for lunch! It is just after 6am and it is Pouring down rain and has been for the last hour. SO I am thinking soup/chili for lunch today.
Tomorrow is our Turkey Trot and then home to finish the apple pie and get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner, I am quite excited for it now!
Off to do something productive. Happy Wednesday!

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