Monday, November 9, 2009

Headed to Columbia!

That's right folks, John and I are venturing to South Carolina for the Game! We have toyed with going for the last few weeks and said "If we can get tickets" well I found a fairly priced pair on Craigslist this morning and have managed to secure them as of 20 minutes ago! The obstacle was that the tickets were in Gainesville, and we sadly are not:( Well the stars aligned and we were meant to go, my mother headed to Gainesville today for some Drs appointments and was able to pick up our tickets from this nice long time Gator Booster.
John and I owe Mom some serious THANK YOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being so helpful and picking up our tickets, and thank you for coming to watch Miss Peachie this Saturday while we make the drive to watch our beloved Gators Further solidify their SEC East seat for the SEC Championship game!
We are so excited for our road trip and have been talking about making this trip for the last 2 years they have been. Some time ago John and I agreed that at some point when we are still young we want to travel to all the other SEC Teams Cities/Stadiums to watch them play Florida, and watch us win! So this is the 2nd one we can cross off our list. We have ventured up to Knoxville twice and will make a third trip next fall.
So moving on from today's football escapades, I went to work and spent some time looking at a few thing John and I want to do while in ATL for the SEC Championship Game. Due to being stuck at work about an hour longer than planned I had to forgo my 4 mile run tonight as dinner was waiting for me AND I had to get my test answers submitted. So I am taking the time to update the blog and get in bed early so I can make up the 4 miles in the morning which was a scheduled off day, so no big deal to swap days. Also, I have moved up Saturday's 5 mile long run to Friday since we will be heading out quite early for Columbia Saturday morning.
Tonight was slow cooker tacos for dinner, they were just ok. The meat could have used a bit more spice/flavor. I suggested onions and John suggested cumin- both probably would have been a big help. After my test I had a quite full glass of Red.
Off to clean the kitchen and relish in my success for our last minute weekend adventure!

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