Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Recap- 35:31PR

Hello blog readers, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
This morning started early when I got up to eat before our Race, it was Quite Chilly out there, 56 degrees at race time which is a tad chilly for Florida, but it made for great race weather once it started. We got out there early and John finally understood what I was tryinig to tell him yesterday that there were going to be A LOT of people! I opted not to bring the camera, which I am now regretting as this will be a long picture-less post!

So Today was the Outback Distance Classic which is a very popular race here. We chose to do the 6k as we are not yet up to the half marthon, but the next 12 weeks will be here before you know it! We lined up about the middle of the pack, I told John I wanted to start a tad further back and would much prefer to pass people then to get passed, its so discouraging. So off we started about 2 minutes after the gun and we ran into some bottlenecking for the first mile which was where the split took place(1/2 marathons runners went one way, 6k went the other). The bottlenecking was not as bad as it seemed at the time, we passed mile marker one at 10:10 a tad slower than I wanted, but not too bad considering I thought it would be slower. I was able to pick up the pace to the end with my only walking break being through the water station for about 30 seconds total. The last mile of the course was winding through a neighborhood which I feel like slowed me down a tad again. I had gotten mixed messages about the course length and it could have been anywhere between 3.6 and 3.8 miles so I didnt want to pick up my pace too soon and burn out before the end. I kept picking a person in fron tof me to keep up with, but 3 times I passed my self-picked pacemaker which made me happy and I just kept trying to push more. Finally after one curve I saw the sign for 13 miles and knew I only had .1 left so I really picked it up and made it to a congested finish line. My official Chip time is 35:31 which was is a 9:44 pace a definite PR for me, I cannot explain how excited I was/am!!!!! John came in about 20 seconds behind me, at about a 9:55 pace, another PR here too!!!! This got me SO pumped for our next few races AND our Half-Marathon. I want to see if I can find a 10k race before then, I have only seen 5k's in the area b/w now and then so we may have to make a small roadtrip to log 6.2 for a race. THe cool temps definitely helped me to keep a solid pace, I was warm but was never uncomfortanle with how hot/cold so I was able to let me legs do all the work.

After the race we grabbed a banana and some water and headed home. I started in on the dough for the pie crust for my apple pie. Apple pie was my contribution for Thanksgiving lunch (we do lunch not dinner) since I wanted to make sure John had a desser he would enjoy as he is not a pumpkin lover like me, I could eat pumpkin with anything!!!!! After the crust was a quick shower followed by doing the filling, top crust and wrapping it up for the journey.

We ventured over to mom's house at about noon and visited with everyone, finally sitting down to eat a little before 2pm. I was very mindful of my eating today, I definitely had my sampling of everything but was pleased to say I didn't overdo it or go back for seconds. I did take a small bit of leftovers which I have already broken into a bit, and John and I are trying to stay entertained at home tonight- we are both restless and awkward combination.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym to ride the bike and loosen up my legs a bit. We have a 6 mile run scheduled for Saturday morning (early and in the super cold) so I want to be ready for it. I am tempted to do some shopping, but really loathe the crowds, so we will see. Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Gainesville (round 1) to celebrate my cousin Rachel's 16th birthday with the family. Then back to Jacksonville since I have to work Saturday morning:( After that I will be rushing to G'ville for Timmy's final home game and another Gator Victory (I hope)!
Off to find another snack and glass of wine, Night!

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  1. I didn't overdo it on the food either! One plate, a little of (almost) everything, and no seconds! Yay for us.