Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rivalry Saturday

So today is one of my favorite Saturdays of the fall- Rivalry Saturday! Almost all teams all across the country are playing their in-state rival today for typically nothing more than bragging rights!
The Gators took on FSU today for Tim Tebow's last home game and what was sure to be a memorable experience. We had some snaffu's today with our plans but ended up watching the game at John's parents house in Lawtey which I appreciated as it was warm and there was beer! Tebow and the Gators looked great all around and left me very eager for the SEC Championship Game next weekend!
This morning I got up about 6am to head to the gym for a bike workout in hopes of loosening up my stiff legs. After 30 minutes it worked great, and I headed home to shower and get ready for work:( We only worked for about 3 hours this morning (I actually managed to enroll a student for our January start) and then John and I settled in for the game. We made it back to Jacksonville in time for a late dinner and to watch the GA/GT game. I am routing for the dawgs- keep it in the conference.
Today was not super eventful, but a very important event for sure! Tomorrow we have a hefty to-do list to tackle....
~CLEANING!!!! I have neglected this for about 3 weeks!
~Groceries (Costco, Publix, Whole Foods)
~Packing list for ATL trip
~Look at homework- a bit neglectged this week
~Lunch date with a special someone (hopefully)
~Put up Christmas Decorations- I have been neglecting this too!
~3 miles of speedwork
~Returns, and hopefully some xmas shopping...
~Catch up on some magazine reading!

Gonna curl up for the second half of the last SEC/ACC match-ups today and then off to bed so I am ready to tackle this list tomorrow!

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