Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So today is our 5 year anniversary, wow!!! Tomorrow we are going out to celebrate since I am stuck at work tonight until 8pm:( All works out though he is going to help a friend with a speaker project. Since today at work is sucking almost as bad as Last Thursday I decided I needed a mid-day pick me up. Thank goodness I managed to pack enough food for lunch and dinner because I cannot leave the office today due to all the unexpected "set-backs" to this months activity. This is what happens when you work with people and why I trust None of Them!!!
Thank you all for listening to my repressed anger.
This AM we ran 3 miles nice and early, but I really need more time and fuel before running so next time we do this there will be food involved, I almost died I was running on Empty. I did manage to get all my errands in this morning and make to work early as planned, only to find out the appointment I can in early for had been rescheduled:(

We have some big weekend plans though: Anniversary dinner, 5k race,work (could live without this), Pedicure(hopefully), Calc Test 3(looking to be aLOT easier than the last), UF/Vandy Game, cleaning out my fridge, relaxing, and maybe the fair too!
What are your weekend plans?

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