Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Christmas now!

So today was without a doubt the busiest Sunday we havd had in a while, but I did manage to accomplish almost everything on my list. Cleaning came first. Mostly dusting, but also straightening up the kitchen and bathrooms. We had been having some shower drainage problems, but John was able to get it all fixed quick and easy! We started the first of 4 loads of laundry and then headed for the grocery stores. Costco and Publix ended up being the only necessary stops. After unloading all groceries, John and I headed out for an afternoon date:)
We went to J. Alexanders for lunch, we have both been to the one in ATL, but John had not been to the one here since it opened this summer, so we headed up for some lunch with yummy fries!

After we headed to the early afternoon showing of 2012. We had a bit of time to kill so we headed over to Jacksonville Running Company Store across the street for some browsing. John has really been wanting to see this movie, and it ended up being really good, a tad unrealistic, but then again most movies are. It was definitely worth the trip!

Once home I relaxed for about 30 minutes and then laced up the sneaks for 3 miles of speedwork and some weights! I did 1/2 mile at a 10 min pace to warm up, and then 5 intervals of 1/4 mile sprinting at a 7:30 min pace and then 1/4 mile recovery with a combo of walking and jogging at a 10 min pace. That 10 minute pace feels so easy after you finish with that long sprint, that is clearly the idea behind it, and I really attribute my increase in time at the race this week to the speedwork I put in on Sundays. I really prefer to do this at the gym since it forces me to maintain a certain pace and keeps me honest about the distance. I also did some leg weights after my run, and really pushed myself today. I came home and my legs were still shaking for 30 minutes!

Once home from the gym, it was time to break out the Christams Decorations!!!

John helped me get everything out and then I got to work putting up the tree! We received a great deal of ornaments as gifts last year and it was fun to get to put up so many new ones in addition to what we had last year. I did save 1 prime spot to get an ornament for Ms. Peach.
This will be Peachie's first Christmas as a spoiled rotten house dog and she deserves her own spot! We do have an extra stocking that I also plan to put up for her as soon as I get another stocking holder!
I made another Goat Cheese and Onion mini pizza for dinner while I was decorating. And after about an hour and half I had it all up!

Here is our finished product for 2009 and I also have plenty of other decorations that are making their way around the house, including a little gator xmas tree that I have decorated for the bathrooom!

Peachie's First Christmas! We are soooo excited! Off to bed, the last start of the year is tomorrow and I will be SO happy once it's over! Also a mile long to-do list to construct for this week and the month in general!

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