Thursday, November 19, 2009

Change of Plans

So tonight we were scheduled for 3 easy miles, but both John and I decided we were not in the mood and are going to stick them in tomorrow morning before work. The "long" run on our schedule this weekend is also 3 miles (this is week 4 of 1/2 marathon training) so we figure we can do 3 miles 2 days in a row. I am actually thinking SAturday for our "long run day" we will do our 3 miles at race pace and then do a mile or so of sprint work. I must say it feels nice to have a rest day and to relax with no schoolwork and no running, good to be home from work early!
Life is quite boring today, but I do have a date with my BFF Laura on Saturday after work to catch-up and have a puppy visit! I am SUPER excited for our Turkey-Trot race next Thursday, hoping to beat my previous 5k time on our 3.6 mile run!
I am off to relax and contemplate the feasbility of negative splits. Night!

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