Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday's To-Do List

So last night we went down to meet our friend at the 5 points movie theater to watch the Gator Game on the Big Screen! It was fatastic, great picture and they serve beer there! Can't beat that.
We came home after the win and immediately crashed.
This morning I woke up starving since I had no dinner and made a huge omlet, toast and a kiwi:)
I am now a little over halfway through this weeks Calc Test and can say with some strong confidence that I feel much better about this one.
Today's to-do list is quite lengthy, so I have split it into tiered priorities to help make sure I accomplish the most important things before letting myself do the fun stuff!

Tier 1 (complete or die)
Tier 2 (these must also get done today, but everyone will live if one gets missed)
-Laundry (both washing and putting it Away)
-Clean out the Fridge ( I really hate doing this, which is why it has reached it current state)
-2 mile speedwork
Tier 3 (would love to get these accomplished, just not likely unless tinkerbell comes and sprinkles me with super fast moving fairy-dust)
-Clean(dust, sweep, bathrooms, kitchen counters, wash sheets)
-Clean out closet/dresser...its getting a tad full
-Target return I have been trying to do for weeks
**On a positive note John has already said he will be vacuuming and bathing Peachie when they return from Lawtey today, bonus when you can get someone else to clean for you:)
This mostly happens because I do NOT vacuum. I am not such a fan of vacuuming, I always break something or miss a spot and I get so hot and worked up its not worth it! Thank goodness he doesn't mind. I will sweep or mop any day and actually enjoy these tasks, but the 3 I LOATHE are:
-UN-loading the Dishwasher (so easy I know, but it annoys me)
-Folding and putting away the clean laundry- wish it was already done for me

What are your least favorite chores?

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