Sunday, November 15, 2009


So we made it Columbia and brought home a win! Nothing pretty, but most people don't pay attention as long as you are 10-0. We were up bright and early Saturday morning to pack up and let John wear Peachie out since she would be left alone all day to nap. We hit the road right at 7am and here is my sexy driver for the trip! The drive up was painless, and there were lots of fun random things to see!
Once we got there we did some walking of the city and snagged a snack before heading to meet our friends at their tailgate.

One of our hostesses with all three generations of their family! I love these ladies and am So glad we got to spend the day with them in their town! I am already excited to go back for the 2011 game (yes I am wierd!).

John and I looking pretty! The weather was perfect and we also were trying to capture a photo of these cabooses that Gamecock fans/alumni can buy for $250k a pop! We have some even better pics.

THe 1st half was pretty good, a tad close, but not too nerve-racking. The half time performance was really awesome. They were doing a special presentation in observance for Veteran's Day this past week, and they did a great job with recognition of all military branches complete with a fun flyover!

They also did a balloon release at the end which looked really cool with the sunset in the background.

The 2nd half performance was a nail-bitter until a 4th quarter interception gave us a 10 point lead and the momentum back.

We had a fantastic time, and want to thank all Gamecock friends for their hospitality!

YAY! We won, now it was time for the drive home...not as bad as it could have been...

This was a shot of some of the cabooses (I know I am spelling this wrong) all lined up and taken from up high! The area around the stadium is specifically designed for maximum tailgate opportunities since the stadium is not on campus. But they really have an awesome set-up here!
We headed back and made it in the door at 12:30. Peachie was very happy to see us and we took her for a quick walk and then crashed about 1am, WAAAAY past my bedtime.
As I anticpated, Peachie woke us bright and early, and John was SO Sweet and took her out so I could sleep some more. We lounged around for most of the day, ran some errands, grocery store, and then laced up for our long overdue 5 mile run- my longest distance run to date.
I will say it was a tad warm but went really smoothly and finished in 54:13, good pace considering we were not pushing ourselves to a race pace.
Peachie and I celebrating the 5 mile run, there was no more standing at this point.
And now its bedtime, I am BEYOND exhausted from our fun filled weekend. All worth it!
Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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