Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free to Breath 5k

Happy Game Day to All! I will update you on the end of my week as well as Today's activities.
So Last night John and I went to Maggiano's for our Anniversary dinner, a change from our orignal plan, but it was Fantastic and a nice carb load before this morning's race. After we got home we played with Peachie a bit and packed up for my day today.
THursday night I brought home Dessert from Cheesecake Factory, I had the Pumpkin Cheesecake (delish if you haven't tried it) and got John the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake ( yes it is as awesome and fudgy as it sounds!), so we each had a nice tasting when we got home last night too.

Saturday morning I got up at the normal time to eat and warm-up before the race. I was scheduled for 4 miles today so I did 1 mile before heading down to the race, and John brought Peachie (just to walk) but she was running her short little legs off, and did such a good job keeping up! After a quick run we headed down to Hendricks Ave Elementary which was not at all prepared for the turnout of this 1st year race, but there were a solid 500 runners and walkers and parking was a disaster.
John and I met up with mom and Michael and at that point he became our official photographer since he did not sign up to run.

A Shout out to our great picture taker, thanks for staying the whole time!

Taking pictures before and waiting for all the others to arrive. I was pleasantly surprised it was not as cold as I was expecting it to be. I decided to weat neon orange so John could spot us as we finished.

One of our spectators!

The runners right before the start

I did this race with my mom, it was her first 5k and she did Awesome! We paced an average of an 11:49 mile which is great for a first run. Hopefully I didnt scare her from running with me in the future.
While we were running, mom decided that my iPod was an awesome idea and certainly made the running a little less monotonous (do I hear Christmas idea...)

I didn't see this until I got home today, but While the boys were waiting for us to finish, this doggie made her way over to the course. She bears a strong resemblance to Abbey, Mom and Michael's dog. Just had to put this shot in because who doesn't love a good puppy shot!

Here is us headed towards the finish line.
Please ignore all strange faces

Pushing hard to finish!

I think she was very excited to be done.

The sweaty after picture, never a pretty one.
After the finish I had to hurry and get off to work while mom stayed to watch her 2 co-workers finish. When I made it back to the car, as we had anticipated my car was blocked in, but we did manage to get the car on the sidewalk, fold in the windows and manuver between a sign and a street light without waiting around for the other inconsiderate drivers or hurting my little car!
All in all, a good race, I was not running for time, but for us to run the race together. I am really excited for John and my next race later this month and hopefully set a new PR.
From the race, I went to work, some quick shopping at Marshall's they carry the socks I like for $2/pair instead of $10/pair so I headed out to the beach to stock up! John and I had leftovers for lunch and are watching the Bama/LSU game before the Gator Game starts later!
Happy Saturday! Go Gators!!!

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