Thursday, November 12, 2009

Updates Galore

Sorry for no post yesterday, there was lots to be done and time got away from me. Due to inclament weather John and I have not been able to run since Tuesday morning. Yes I am aware we have access to many treadmills, but that is just SO boring. We are however going to do 3 miles when I get home in the brisk 50 degree weather that we have had all day!

This morning I got up early hoping to do my 5 mile long run for the week to find it 47 degrees and still drizzling- No Thank You! I decided to start watching last night's DVR-ed Top Chef episode. You have NO IDEA how excited I am that Robin has gone home and who I truly believe to be the top 5 chefs are left! I cannot wait to see next week's episode. I did manage to get some homeowrk done before work and then I was off to run some errands which we all no usually never ends innocently:)

I had to make a return to Marshall's which is not anywhere near my house, but luckily I also had to drop off out registration for our next race which is close to the Marshalls. So I got to Marshalls pretty much right when they opened at 9:30 because normally they are slow and have a line and I didn't know how long it would take. Well it was super quick so I found myself with 20 minutes before the running store opened so I popped into Whole Foods which was also in that neighborhood. Thank goodness I only had a mere 20 minutes to kill or I would have gotten into some serious trouble! I did manage to find some Honeycrisp apples at a good price (cheaper than publix) and immediately picked up a few. I have only ever had 1 honeycrisp before and it was good, but I see/hear people (mostly other bloggers) raving about them all the time, so I had to try a few more. Well needless to say it made its way straight into my lunch bad and I consummed it as an afternoon snack.

I emailed John Immediately, this is the mosy Fantastic thing I have EVER eaten! It totally earns its name too, each bite was SO crisp, and juicy, but not too much! The flavor is pretty awesome too, and I cannot say enough nice things about this apple, I think it will be my first choice from now on, but I do think they are seasonal, does anyone know?

I also got into a few other things at whole foods...

Pumpkin scone which was a 2nd breakfast or mid/morning snack depending on how nit picky you want to get.

And some Awesome chili which became my lunch! This totally hit the spot considering how cold and gloomy it was out today!

After my food adventures I dropped off our race registrations and headed to the office. For those who are not aware, today is my 1 year Anniversary at my job. In some ways I am suprised I made it this long as there were points this summer where I was about to cave, but I am happy with how this year has been and really enjoy the team I work with- cheesy, yes , but true! Heather and Eliza I know you are reading, and yes I Love you both:)

I am really excited about our trip to South Carolina this weekend, and am even more excited that the weather will be perfect! Tomorrow is a SUPER busy day


2-3 miles speedwork at the gym

Breakfast/Make myself presentable


2 1/2 hour graduation (for work)

Home to get things together for tomorrow and sleep

Wow...thats lots to do! Have a good night!

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