Friday, January 22, 2010

Yeah, It's still broken

So for anyone who was curious, the TV is still out of commission:(
Which has now lead to this...

All three of us piled in the bedroom where the bedroom tv can at least play dvds. We had talked about and even started to move a tv out to the living room to hook up, but Monday will be here soon, and lets face it, I have plenty to read.

Today was a nice Friday, the usual Friday morning bagels, but took a turn for the best when the boss announced he was leaving at noon today:) This led to lunch with a co-worker and a surprise cupcake this afternoon.

John and I opted for a simply dinner and a light workout this evening before our race tomorrow. I am actually getting into bed soon to read and get to sleep. We have to be out the door about 7:30 tomorrow. Will back after the race with pics and a full recap!

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