Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I hope everyone's New Year is starting off well, ours has been good so far! Here is a fantastic picture of what I found on New Year's Eve...

After I last left you with my 2010 Goals I realized I forgot to mention the MOST important one...

Stop Biting my nails!!! I have said this every year since I was probably 15, but its just sad now and time to kick this horrible habit! If you see me biting my nails EVER, smack me!

So New Years Eve morning John and I got up and headed out for a quick 3 mile run, there was rain looming and we did not want to get stuck. Again, the Garmin made the trip and I still am obsessed! I used the HR strap too and again my heart rate was off the charts, I took it a little bit easier that I did earlier this week, so I may need to get checked out and make sure that everything is ok in there.

I did 3 miles in 30:44, so a tad slower than I would normally do, but was trying to see how my heart rate was looking. John smoked me and finished well under 30 minutes.

After we came back I took a nice hot bath and had a big yogurt bowl for Breakfast. I was trying to eat well all day since I knew we were planning on mexican and some New Year's Eve drinks.

Yogurt bowl kept me full for a good three hours and all I used was
-FF Plain Yogurt
-4 strwberries, sliced up
-1/4 cup blueberries
-1/4 cup low fat granola from Publix, SO tasty!

I checked some blogs, straightened out my hair and then we packed up and headed out towards Lawtey. We decided that we should probably grab lunch since we didnt know what was at the Bloom Resort, so John being his fabulous self suggested we make a pit stop at Whole Foods!

I ran in while he sat in the car with Peachie. I brought John some Beef Chili and Mac & Cheese. I made myself a box from the salad bar and put in some salad, tortellini salad, some mixed veggies and a small serving of green bean casserole. YUM! I also managed to find the Pomegranate flavored Chobani Yogurt that I had been DYING to try, it was tasty!

Once in Lawtey we devoured our lunches and hung out watching football and chatting for the afternoon.

The original plan for dinner was for the family to head down to Laredo's in Starke for NYE mexican, but with such a large group and no reservations available we decided that ordering in was probably the best idea. The VT/UT game being on was also a motivating factor in wanting to stay home and watch it on the big tv.

The men called in to order Mexican for 15 people, but they called back to confirm and the cost seemed quite high for only 15 people. Well about an hour later the boyd arrived back with dinner and the mystery was solved...

Mexican Food for 50!!!! Apparently the lady at the restaurant didnt hear very well... And this wasn't even all of it! Needless to day John and I have brought some leftovers home to much on today.

John's sister Penny and I shared a bottle and a half of white wine before popping into the Champagne just before midnight. Part of my healthy lifestyle makeover has been limiting my alcohol and I have really kept it in check, so I was hurting a little this morning after all that wine last night- but some leftover quesadilla perked me right up!

We made it to midnight, watched the ball drop and promptly went to sleep. I slept until 8am this morning, quite late for me! We headed back from Lawtey with Peachie this morning in the cold rain, crazy how fast the temps change (I was in shorts yesterday!). Once home I noticed that the first football game of the day was on ESPN so I headed up to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio and watched the remainder of the 1st half.

I then headed to Winn Dixie to grab some last minute foods as we were planning to make burgers tonight. Well I was quite hungry at that point and came home with cheese and crackers, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate cake for John, peanut butter, and a new type of apple I had never seen, a Pacific Rose apple.

It was good, I would say it is like a fuji, but did not have any overwhelming characteristics. I have come to find many new apple loves the last few months, fujis (they are the cheapest) pink lady apples (yum!) and honeycrisp apples (double yum!).

And yes I did remember to also get what I went for- sliced chedder cheese and sweet potatoes.

Once home I made the black-eyed pea salsa John and I plan to eat during the Gator Game, Michele Made it last weekend when we were in Atlanta, and we loved it, so I figured I would recreate it! Can't beat salsa And it has some substance to it with black beans, black-eyed peas, and corn. YUM!

After the salsa mixing, I hoped in the tub, and then took a rest (like a nap, but no actual sleeping took place). I then had some cheese and crackers- super yum and then a few hours later I heated up a late lunch/early dinner. 1 Chicken strip and I sliced up the sweet potatoes to make some sweet potato fries- my favorite!!!!

The Gators are starting up here in about 45 minutes so we are gearing up to watch!!!!! Please pray and cheer for our Gators as they face Cincy tonight! I will be pulling out the eats soon and have a food filled recap tomorrow AFTER we do our 9.5 mile run, I am pumped!!!

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